B1 B2 Visa Documents checklist And Application Process

B1 B2 Visa Documents checklist And Application Process

B1 B2 Visa documents checklist for stamping and interview?

Documents required for us b1 b2 visa.

All the optional documents are to make your case strong. You should carry all the relevant documents. Do not hesitate to take all documents. No one will be stopping you from carrying more documents.

How To Apply for B2 Visa For Parents or Relatives and Documents.

How to apply for a B1 b2 Tourist Visa or Business visa For USA

To apply for a b1 b2 Visa for USA, you have to follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to DS-160 website. Fill and Submit Form DS-160. You should carefully fill DS-160 and put all your information truthfully.
  2. Create account in ustraveldocs.
  3. Pay b1 b2 visa fees in ustraveldocs.
  4. Next step is to schedule your US B1 B2 visa interview. You have to take two appointments. The 1st appointment is for bio-metric test and 2nd appointment is for actual interview.
  5. Collect all the mandatory documents mentioned above.
  6. Final step is to attend the interview.

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What happens at the us consulate on the interview day ?

As you know, you have to take two appointments one for bio-metric and another one for interview.
Bio-metric information will be taken at least one day before your interview. So, you have to spent two days there.
First day you will have to go to biometric center and they will take all the required biometric information . No question will be asked and it will be generally quick.

Second day, you have to go to interview center mentioned in your appointment letter. Generally biometric and interview center will be at two different location. So keep this point in mind while booking accommodation.
You should reach 30 minutes before your interview slot. They will call your name when your turn comes up. The consulate officer will check your documents and ask some questions. Then you are all set to go.

Fee for b1 b2 visa

The application fee for the most common non immigrant visa types is $160. This includes tourist, business, student, and exchange visas.

B1 b2 visa fees in India

The fee for b1 b2 visa is same for all the countries which is $160.

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