Family Life In The United States For Immigrants

Family Life In The United States

Family Life In The United States For Immigrants

This is a common question among people who want to settle or at least want spend some years in the United States. I would say family life is good in the us if you have a baby.

If your spouse is not working then it is going to tough for her to stay all alone at home. I have seen my friends wife going back to India because of this crazy loneliness. Also have seen many friends having baby to solve this problem.

It is human nature to feel bored when we have nothing to do or no one to talk. It becomes even worse when you go out or peeping outside window and don’t see any human faces.

If husband and wife both are working then at least there will be no problem of loneliness. But there will be other problems when you have kids. You have to bring someone from your home country or one has to sacrifice job or hire a nanny. And like anywhere in the world you may not have enough time to spend with each other.

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Apart from this loneliness life is almost same everywhere. Monday to Friday you have to go office and Saturday and Sunday outing and groceries. I think even in India or other parts of the world this is same. In this era of nuclear family, generally place does not change life style.

For a good family life in US, you definitely need to make friends. For most of the people whose all relatives live in the home country, family life would be little tough. So, make friends and fill that gap and enjoy.

Now focus on good things. You will have better salary so you can fulfill yours and your family’s desires. You can buy a good SUV and have fun with your loved ones. There are so many places to go and see. So, you can enjoy over the weekends. Your child can get free education but remember higher education is 100 times costlier than India (As i know about India).

For a better family life always buy good medical insurance policy. This will give you peace of mind. Family life is almost same everywhere as most of the time you are going to be at home when you are with family. Keep good balance between work and personal life. Spend time with your spouse and kids. Go out on vacation.

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