H1b B1 B2 H4 J1 L1 F1 visa interview stamping tips

H1b B1 B2 H4 J1 L1 F1 visa interview stamping tips

H1b, B1, B2, H4, J1, L1 and F1 visa interview stamping tips

United States is a dream country for so many people from all around the world. Everyone wants to visit US at least once to experience the other part of the world. Whether it is H1b, B1, B2, H4, J1, L1 or F1 visa interview, all are important for the person attending it.

Everyone wants visa at any cost. I will mention all the points that everyone should take care while attending any visa interview.

11 Common Tips for US Visa Interview.

  1. Prepare a list of all the relevant documents. Keep all the documents in a folder at least one day before. You can click on the visa tabs then your visa types in this website and go through all the required documents. This is very important. If you miss any doc then you will be under pressure and keep thinking about that document and it will make you nervous.
  2. Try to reach the interview venue at least 30 minutes before.
  3. Dress properly. If you are going for F1, H1 or L1 then it is better to wear formals. You do not need to wear suit. Formal is absolutely fine. If you are going for b1 business visa interview then wearing suit is better. At least formal is must b1 visa interview.
  4. Keep smiling and do not look nervous. Even if you do not know some answers, it is fine, just keep yourself involve in the discussion and do not give wrong answer.
  5. You should remember your travel itinerary.
  6. Sometime you may not understand interviewer’s accent. In that case do not hesitate to say i beg your pardon or sorry could you please repeat sir.
  7. Always schedule your interview in the language you are comfortable with.
  8. Read basics about the states you are going to visit.
  9. Be polite.
  10. Be positive and stay calm.
  11. Last but not the least. Go through all the questions and answers for respective visas. It will boost your confidence.

Other F1 visa interview stamping tips

1.  Do some research about the university/college you are applying for.

2. List down some achievements of the university like research paper etc. in your field

3. Be honest

4. Do not exaggerate anything. Keep things natural.

5. The officer will try to know your intention of coming back to your home country. So always talk about your tie with your home country and why you would want to come back.

Go through each questions and answers and prepare well. Sample F1 visa interview questions and answers.


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