Is it safe to travel USA from India right now: Coronavirus

    • Is it safe to travel USA from India right now: Corona virus

Is it safe to travel USA from India right now: Coronavirus

The way coronavirus is spreading is kind of mysterious. Even the WHO was not sure that it is an airborne virus. They have accepted in July that COVID19 is an airborne virus. All the experts in the world are asking to avoid travelling if possible.But there are times when we don’t have a choice. If you are thinking of traveling then make a good plan. You are not alone, there are thousands of people traveling everyday.

So is it safe to travel to the united states of america?

All the airlines are taking extra precautions after COVID19 pandemic. They are following WHO and country specific guidelines. People are travelling everyday since the flights have resumed services. I know so many people who have traveled recently and they are safe.

Two days back one of my friend’s family traveled from Mumbai to the USA. My friend was here and his wife and two kids were in India. Their visa is going to expire in September. As you all know, US consulates are closed temporarily and they will not issue visas to certain categories till 31 December.  Because of this my friend had to call his family now.

Of course travelling with kids is really difficult but if you are planning to travel then book direct flight from your country to the United States of America. If you take good care, do not touch things unnecessarily and wear a mask then it is safe to travel. For kids you can also consult a Doctor and get some medicine that will help kids sleep throughout the journey. 

Should one book direct or indirect flight?

I would highly recommend direct flight. If you are travelling with kids or parents then you should not book indirect flights at any cost. If you are young and fit then you can think about indirect flights but i will still recommend direct flights.

When Will The US Consulate and Embassy Reopen In India.

Are domestic flights in the USA operational?

Domestic flights in the United states have never stopped. All the airlines are operational with a lesser number of flights. They are also taking extra precaution measures due to coronavirus pandemic and following government guidelines

If you have traveled recently anywhere then you are requested to share your experience by commenting below and help others.

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  1. President Trump declared a national emergency over the coronavirus pandemic Friday as public life in America continued to grind to a halt. Trump’s announcement sent the Dow soaring nearly 2,000 points.

    Concerns about the coronavirus rippled across the globe, as schools closed to millions of students; more events were canceled, more landmarks shuttered; and the Group of Seven leaders planned a virtual crisis conference.

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