Interview questions and answers asked by Universities in UK 2022

Interview questions and answers asked by Universities in UK

Interview questions and answers asked by the Universities in UK

Why did you choose our University/college for Studying in UK?

The answer should be based on your University Selection research. Try to highlight the strong features of the University compared with other Universities in UK. Also, try to explain the career scope in your home country after completion of your studies in UK.

Why did you choose this particular study program in UK?

Your answer should be based on your previous studies and the field experience that you have till now. If you are a fresher than you should be able to describe your skills, hobbies and future planning that have inspired you to choose this particular study program.

What is your career plan after finishing your higher studies in UK?

Your answer should be based on your plans after graduation. Just think about how you will get the benefits of studying in UK, how abroad knowledge and exposure will give you an added advantage in your home country for example in the field of international marketing, business development, etc. from your course at the UK University. Does your study program enhance your present designation?

Do you intend to work in UK?

Your answer should not make them feel that your pure intention is to work and not to study. Hence you should say that although my focus interest is to study full time and gain a UK degree at the same time I would like to work if I get an opportunity to work part-time on an internship basis to gain a UK experience along with my degree. 

Have you previously studied in UK or in any other country?

This is a very typical question asked, which does not need any tips to answer? You can say yes or no depending upon your situation.

Do you have a long study gap? 

If your answer is no, then you don’t need to prepare for any further answer here.

What made you study again after so long?

If your answer to the previous question is yes, then your answer should be based on your current profession or your previous qualification gained. Think of your current designation where you may need an advance or a higher degree qualification to get you promoted to a management level position. Think of a long-term career plan associated with the study program you choose

Q: How do your studies fit into your career plans?

A. Think about what are your plans after gradation. How will the knowledge and skills you gain from your course at the particular university in UK help you with the type of work you hope to do. Does your course lead to any professional exemptions or qualifications and are these recognized in your country? Do you know anyone who has done similar course and what exactly are doing now.  If the course you plan to study is at a similar academic level to previous studies, how does it represent progression and does it have a vocational focus? If this is the case, be prepared to explain this.

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Interview questions and answers asked by Universities in UK 2022

Q: If the costs of pursuing your course of study are higher in the UK than in your home country, why have you decided to incur the extra costs involved with studying in the UK?

A. Think about the advantages that a degree from the UK might give you and why you and/or your family are prepared to make this investment. Have you made a realistic assessment of all the costs involved and how you plan to pay for them? These costs include the course fees and living costs, including accommodation.


Q: You have previously studied in the UK – why have you chosen to return?

A. Think about how the new course relates to previous studies and how it might build on your previous learning. You can also talk about the benefits of your previous course.


Q: You have had a long break in your studies, why are you returning to study now?

A. Think about how you explain your decision in the context of your long-term career plans.

Q: How will you fund your studies? 

A. The purpose of this question is to check that your funds are genuinely available to you for your studies. As part of your application you will have submitted proof of your finances – ensure that you are very clear about the source and availability of these funds, also how you plan to pay for subsequent years fees if your course is more than a year in duration. If you have official financial sponsorship make sure you are aware of the amounts and exactly what is covered. If you have a loan, how will you afford to pay this back? How much will your accommodation cost and are you clear about the cost of living in the UK?

The interviewer will also be checking your ability to converse well in English, if there is any issue with hearing them clearly eg via the video link, you should ensure that you raise this so that they are aware that it is a technical issue not one of comprehension. Interview questions and answers asked by Universities in UK 2022.

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