Tulip Festival NJ 2021

Tulip festival NJ is one of the greatest festival in spring season for flower and nature loving people. I love flowers and nature. I have been to tulip festival at Holland Ridge Farms NJ many times. As far as i know Holland Ridge farm is the only place for tulip lovers.

The farm is just beautiful everywhere you look! The tulips are every color you can think of and more! If you can’t enjoy this event , it would be hard to think anything could make you happy.

tulip festival nj

Tulip Festival at Holland Ridge Farms NJ.

Tulip Festival NJ Address.

86 Rues Rd.
Cream Ridge, NJ 08514.

Start date: Generally it starts in April.

Timing: 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM.

Tulip Festival NJ Latest News.

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A note from Tulip Festival at Holland Ridge Farms:

I would like to invite members to spend this spring day celebrating Tulip Festival at Holland Ridge Farms. If we can not fly to Holland to see million tulips, we can definitely drive or take a train to NJ.

We can learn more about Dutch heritage. This season, they invited The Tulip Pollinator, to participate at the farm.

Come celebrate Tulips in 2019 at Holland Ridge Farms. Planting millions of tulip bulbs this past fall, our farm is bursting with color only nature can supply. Walk the fields and count the different varieties many never before seen in the USA. Pick as many tulips as the basket will hold for $1.00 per stem. Remember as we say in New Jersey, “Don’t fly to Holland, Drive to Holland!”

Tulip Festival NJ

What are the types of flowers can we see in Tulip Festival at Holland Ridge Farms?

tulip festival nj
tulip festival nj.

As the name suggest. Here you will be seeing only tulips. But there are many types of tulips. They are in different colors.

tulip festival nj

You can spend whole day here watching beautiful nature’s creation. You should take your family specially children to Holland New Jersy tulip festival, they are going to love it.

tulip festival nj

Do we need to carry food?

There will be many stalls of food beverage. So you do not need to carry food. Yes, of course, if you have kids then better pack some foods as lines at the food stalls will be too long at the peak time.  I had to wait around one hour for my turn to come 🙂

Parking at Tulip Festival Holland Ridge Farms NJ.

There will be lots of parking but at peak time, you may have to wait some time for 20 to 30 minutes. If you go early then, you do not need to worry.  For parking they use nearby empty fields.

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  1. Don’t forget to welcome Spring with Allentown, NJ’s first annual “Daffodil Days” running from March 26 through April 3, 2022. Over 30 events and activities, from a parade, to crafts, great food, art contest, concert, history and, of course, 3,000 daffodils in the town’s park. Visit http://www.allentownvinj.org for a full calendar of events.

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