B2 USA Tourist Visa Interview Tips

B2 USA Tourist Visa Interview Tips

B2 USA Tourist Visa Interview Tips

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I am going to tell you about 5 tips. Follow these 5 B2 USA Tourist Visa Interview tips and you are all set to go.

Tips number 1. Documents checklist.

This should be your 1st priority. Make a checklist of all the required documents like this and complete it.

  1.  DS160 US Visa application confirmation page.
  2.  Original passport with minimum six months validity.
  3.  All your old passports and visa.
  4.  One photograph as per specification suggested by US consulate.
  5.  Proof of fee payment.
  6.  Interview appointment letter from u s travel docs.
  7.  Financial support. Since you are going on tourist visa. So you should have enough balance to cover your entire trip. So better to carry bank statements.
  8.  Criminal history. It is an optional document. If you have it, then fine otherwise don’t worry about it.
  9.  Proof of intent to return home. Again this is an optional document. No need to carry any document. But your answers and intention should always reflect that you want to come back to your home country. And you have no intention of settling in the united states.

Tips number 2. Interview preparation.

This is one of the important point. I have made a video on u s tourist visa interview questions and answers.
Please go through all the questions and answers.
Even if questions look simple, you should write down it and prepare your own answers.
It will boost your confidence and you can answer easily.

Tips number 3. How to present yourself.

You may know answer to all the questions and wear good cloths but
if you can not present yourself properly then these things have no meaning.
How you present yourself matters a lot.
Your confidence, humbleness, smile on your face and
proper eye contact are most important things while presenting yourself anywhere.
Your first impression also tells lot about you. So when you go to the consulate officer,
greet the officer with a smile on your face. Be confident and answer in straightforward manner.
Do not explain too much. Just stick to the point.

Tips number 4. Prepare some unexpected questions.

This is just to be on the safer side. Generally they won’t ask these questions.
1. Why did you choose USA over other countries for your vacation?
You can say, i have heard a lot about USA. USA is one of the most exciting countries.
There are lot of places to see. Some of the biggest and famous cities like New york are there.
2. Can you short your travel duration?
You can say, i have to see lot of places but i can short my travel duration.

3. What will you do if i reject your visa?
I don’t have any other vacation plan right now. I will think about it later.

Tips number 5. Knowledge about places you are going to visit.

You should have some basic knowledge about the places you are going to visit.
At least you should know the names of the places you are going to visit.
So, if the consulate officer asks what are the places you are going to visit,
then you should answer promptly like i would like to visit new York, Niagara falls, Hollywood, Grand canyon, LAS Vegas, Golden bridge etc.

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