us tourist visa interview questions and answers

us tourist visa interview questions and answers

Us Tourist Visa Interview Questions And Answers

US tourist visa is known as B2 visitor visa. These are some sample us tourist visa interview questions and answers. I have divided these US tourist visa interview questions  into five sections. Please go through each section.

Section A: Some Questions About Yourself

Q. What do you do here?

A. If you are working tell that I’m working in xyz company or I have business. If you are retired then simply say I’m retired. You can also say I’m a farmer and going to meet my son.

Q. Where do you live in India?

A. I live in New Friends colony, New Delhi.

Q. What’s your current designation?

A. I’m a manager or Just say whatever you are.

Q. What is your annual salary?

A. Just tell your annual salary. If you are a business man tell your business turn over and say I save this much amount every year.

Q. Can I see your bank statements?

A. Yes. Show the bank statements.

Q. Are there any criminal cases pending against you?

A. No.

Q. Are you married or single?

A. Answer accordingly.

Q. Do you have any health issues or allergies?

A. No.

Q. Will you come back from USA?

A. Yes. Of course.

Q. Where do you work and

A. tell the name of your company.

Q. Could you please tell me something about your job profile?

A.  Explain about  your exact job profile. You can also provide additional information like how long you have been working with the company. Make sure that your answers are correct as they will be verified by the officials.

Q. Will you do business in the USA?

A. No.

Q. Would you like to settle in the USA?

A. No.

Q. What will you do after coming back from USA?

A. I will do my regular job or business or farming. Tell exactly Whatever applies to you.

Q. Have you applied for leave?

A. If you are currently working then the interviewer may ask if your leaves have been approved. You can tell i have approved leaves. If he asks further further question, you can mention that you have a non-objection certificate (NOC) from your company for the visit the US visit.

Q. Can you show your visiting card?

A. If you have then show otherwise tell i do not have.

Q. Do you pay income tax here?

A. Answer accordingly.

Q. How many siblings do you have?

A. Answer accordingly.

Q. Do you have car?

A. Answer accordingly.

Q. Who lives with you currently?

A. Answer accordingly.

Section B: About Visa and Visit

Q. What kind of visa are you applying for?

A. B2 visitors visa.

Q. What kind of visa your sponsor has or what kind of visa your son has?

A. H1b.

Q. Why do you want to go to USA?

A. This is the most important question as the officer would like to know your purpose of visit. Prepare well and answer confidently. You must tell if you are going to visit your family or for holiday or both.

Q. Have you ever been denied a visa earlier?

A. No.

Q. Do you have all the documents with you?

A. Yes.

Q. Will you extend your visa while in the USA?

A. Always say No even if you want to extend.

Q. When will you be coming back to India?

I will stay their for two months and come back.

Q. How you are planning to manage your travel and USA living expenses?

A. If you are going to meet your son or daughter then tell my son/daughter will take care of all the expenses. If you are going as a tourist and no one is sponsoring you then tell myself. You must have enough balance in your bank account when you’re going to sponsor yourself.

Q. Do you know your rights?

A. Click this link to read full article. rights of immigrants in usa: H1b, H4, f1, b1, b2 visa, gc.

Section C: About Your US Travel

Q. What’s your travel plan?

Tell your travel plan like I will go this month end and will come back after two months.

Q. When are you planning to visit?

A. This month end.

Q. Have you booked your flight ticket?

A. Yes.

Q. How long are you going to stay?

Tell the duration for which you are planning to stay in the US. If you are traveling alone then it is better keep travel duration within 25-30 days.

Q. Can you short your travel duration?

A. Tell that I have to see many places but I’m still ready to short my travel duration.

Q. Have you ever been to the USA before?

A. Answer a simple yes or no. Make sure to answer truthfully as the officer will verify your details.

Q. Have you ever visit any international country?

A. Answer accordingly.

Q. Will anybody accompany you on your visit?

A. Answer truthfully.

Q. Will you buy medical insurance?

A. Yes.

Q. Do you have credit card?

A. Yes.

Q. When you visited last time, how long you stayed?

A. Just tell the exact duration as the officer will have your information.

Q. Which part of the US will you be visiting?

A. Answer like New Jersey, New York etc.

Q. Are you planning to stay in the US or return to India?

A. I will return after a month.

Q. Why would you return?

A. I have my whole family and friends here. Besides that I will have to take care of my business or job or farming.

Q. Do you know your Rights in the US?

A. Yes.

Q. What will you do during stay in the US?

A. I would like to travel the popular places in the US.

Section D: About Your relatives in US and sponsorship (For people visiting family)

Q. Who will sponsor your visa and travel?

A. My Son/Daughter will take care of all the expenses.

Q. Can I see your Son’s bank Statements?

A. Yes. Show the bank statements.

Q. Your son is married?

A. Answer accordingly.

Q. How many children your son has?

A. Answer accordingly.

Q. Is your daughter in-law pregnant?

A. No.

Q. What is the birthday of your son?

A. 2nd February 1991.

Q. What is the date of your son’s wedding anniversary?

A. 18 November 2018

Q. Where does your son live?

A. Somerville New Jersey.

Q. Where will you stay in the US?

A. I will stay with my son.

Q. What does your son do?

A. He is a software engineer.

Q. Where does your son work?

A. Tell the company name like Qualcomm.

Q. Can you provide your son’s contact info?

Q. Since when your son is staying in the USA?

A. 4 years.

Q. When does your son planning to visit here?

A. Maybe next year or later. Don’t say within 6 months or this year otherwise the officer will tell you why do you wanna go if your son is coming.

Q. What is the annual salary of your son?

A. Tell your Son’s annual salary.

Q. Has anyone filed green card for you?

A. No.

Q. When did your son visited last time?

A. Tell the month and year.

Section E: About Your relatives in US and sponsorship (For people visiting as tourist and have no family in the USA)

Q. Who is going to sponsor you?

A. Myself.

Q. Can i see your bank statements?

A. Yes. Show the bank statements.

Q. Do you have any friends or relatives in the US?

A. If yes, tell the name of the friends or relatives that are residing in the US. Do not give extra details unless asked by the officer.

Q. Where will you stay in the US?

Tell the address of your booked hotel.

Q. Why did you choose the US over other countries?

A. I have heard so much about the USA. I want to see Niagara Falls, New York, Las Vegas, Hollywood.

Q. Do you know the USA emergency number?

A. Yes. It is 911.

Q. What are you planning to do in the USA?

A. I would like to see some famous places like Niagara Falls, New York city etc.

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Q. Who will look after your business here?

A. This question they may ask if you are a business man. Tell him or her like my son or brother or supervisor will look after my business for one month.

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