Difference between i797A and i797B and i797C and form i 797

Difference Between i797A and i797B

Difference between i797A and i797B is too much. I797A means you have your i94 attached to it at the bottom of the i797 approval. The attached I94 will have expiration date. Typically this date will be same as your i 797A expiration date.

It also tells you that your status has been changed successfully. And you don’t have to do anything and you can stay in USA till your attached I94 is valid.

While i 797B will not have I94 attached to it. Form I797B would be issued to a person who has never visited the USA. If you are in USA and applied h1b transfer or extension and you got i797b notice of approval. Then It means that your visa got approved but your status is not updated. We all know that you can not live in USA if you do not have a valid i94.

While i 797C, notice of action is used to communicate information. Like receipt number etc. I 797C notice of action does not provide any immigration benefit. You are not supposed to use it for any immigration related work.

What is I94

I94 is the record of arrival and departure of USA visitors. It is issued by Customs and Boarder Protection(CBP) officers to foreign nationals. I94 is a place for travel records for people visiting to USA.

What is the difference between i797 and i797A?

Form I 797, Notice of Action. USCIS will be using this base i 797 Notice of action when USCIS approves an application. This i 797 form is an official letter of approval. This can be used in certain immigration benefits.
For example, the Form I 797 Notice of Action can be sent for an I-130 petition approval.

Form I-797A, Notice of Action: This is kind of replacement for your I94. Continue reading to know more about i797A.

The difference between i797A and i797B shown by below images.

Sample i797A. Here it is clearly mentioned the i94 number.

Difference between i797A and i797B and i797C and form i 797

Sample i797B. There is no i94 number mentioned here.

i797B(difference between i797A and i797B)

Now that we got the difference between i797A and i797B, let’s focus on actions. Please follow this link to know what should you do if you get i797B. what should i do if i get i797B. In this link i have explained all the scenario that may arise because of i797B approval.

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What is the difference between I 797 and I 797C

USCIS will send Form I-797C, Notice of Action, to an applicant/petitioner. They will send order to communicate information related to receipt notice or appointment.

While I 797 notice of action is a form send by USICS when USCIS approves any application. This a general name of notice of approval. Suppose if your h1b visa applications gets approved. You will receive I797A or I797B.

FORM I-797C. Receipt Notice.

So, I797 C notice will not provide you any immigration status. You are not supposed to use it for any immigration purpose. It is just a receipt of notice to convey a particular message.

What is the difference between I 797B and I 797C

I797B is a notice of approval without change of status as explained above while I797C is a kind notice like receipt notice.

USCIS has different form for different purposes. All the form type has different meaning associated with them. You can visit USCIS official web site for more information. You can also comment here if you have any doubt. We will try our best to answer questions.

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