Sample Client Letter For H1b | Client letter format for h1b


Sample Client Letter For H1b

Client letter for h1b visa is a very important document now a days. Although client letter for h1b extension and h1b visa transfer is not needed according to USCIS. But it is always good to have. Client letter for h1b visa stamping is a must document. This post will explain how should you write a client letter. We can break the client letter in four parts. Each part is important. In part 4. You should clearly write the job duties. The job duties must match with your h1b position title.

Client letter format for h1b

Part 1: Client company information.

701 suite 3.

Part 2: Vendor company information.

Mr. Arun Kumar.
abc Inc.
121 mecer st.
New Jersey 08876.

RE: End Client Letter for Mr. Rahul Agrawal.

Part 3 : Brief description.

Dear Mr. Kumar,

This is to inform you that abc Inc’s employee Mr. Rahul will be performing LTE developers duties on a project for xyz. The job duties are outlined below. Currently, we have issued a work order for 12 months. But we anticipate the need for his services to go beyond that time to approximately 3 to 4 years. For emphasis, we note here again, this statement is merely an expression of intent.

It is not a contractually or equitably binding commitment. All representations made are strictly for submission to the immigration authorities. No legal or equitable rights are created, modified or abrogated by this letter.

Part 4: Job duties.

Mr. Rahul will be performing the following work.

  • Develop and create functional and technical requirement for new test plans. And submit it to management for approval.
  • Implement new protocol stack features.
  • Develop scripts to capture key performance indicators for protocol.
  • Develop and modify scripts for optimizations in test cases.
  • Maintain proficiency in one modern scripting language such as Python or Perl.
  • Install new system software on test machines and check CPU performance for all related tasks.
  • Perform calibration testing involving the LTE protocol.
  • Work with simulator hardware provider to resolve any calibration issues found.
  • Carry out device conformance and Verizon operator specific testing.
  • Analyzes test results to ensure correct functionality.
  • Perform end to end validation.
  • And verification with focus on debugging, analyzing the failure logs using device monitoring tools.
  • Perform testing activities in the lab including device preparation.
  • Develop and work with test script in scripting languages.
  • Analyze review and submit the test reports and share status with respective stake holders.
  • Perform initial debugging procedures by reviewing configuration files, logs, or code pieces to determine breakdown source.
  • Maintain a list of all devices specific issues and work with vendors for the fixes.
  • Design test plans, scenarios and scripts. Driving Customer discussions and meetings related to bugs, requirements etc..
  • Maintain a high standard of service delivery by supporting customers, during their in-house testing.
  • Submit final test reports and share status with respective stakeholders.
  • Understanding of software development. And testing concepts for wireless handsets for various air interface standards.
  • Create testing schedules and strategies in accordance with project scope and delivery dates.
  • Shortlist all new mobile device protocol features for each test cycle. And learn their technical aspects by analyzing specification documents.

The minimum education, training, and experience necessary to perform the job duties is a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent.

Work Site Location: xyz 123 valley blvd, Washington.

Mr. Rahul will not be our employee. As long as Mr. Rahul follows xyz’s standard workplace policies.  XYZ will have no responsibility to dictate how he performs his job duties. We will also not be responsible for hiring, discharge, promotion, demotion, remuneration or any other incidents of his employment.

If you have any questions about this assignment, please contact me.


Andrew Tae.
xyz company.

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For more info on h1b visa client letter click this link. Hh1b visa approval without client letter. If you have any doubt Sample Client Letter For H1b, please comment below. You will get an instant response.

Note: I have a small request. I want to be an independent woman and I’m working hard. Could you please like and subscribe to my kids learning YouTube channel and help me by clicking this link  “pro kids learning TV YouTube  channel“.

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