Nepal Tourist Visa On Arrival Application Form photo cost

Nepal Tourist Visa On Arrival is easy and hassle free to obtained. All the foreign national accept India need a visa to enter Nepal. The visa is available upon arrival. You need passport sized photo along with the fee. You can pay the visa fee in US$. The Visa on arrival gets even easier, especially if you download and complete the application online in advance.

Visa length Visa Fees Type
15 days $25 Single Entry
30 days $40 Single Entry
90 days $100 Single Entry

Key Notes

  1. The visa lengths are 15, 30 and 90 days but the maximum stay is 150 days per year.
  2. It is possible to extend your visa while in Nepal. If you have 15 day visa, you can extend it to 30 days or 90 days while in Nepal.
  3. Extensions cost $2 per day plus extension fee $30 for a 15-days extension and $50 for 30 days.
  4. At the Central Immigration at Kathmandu, you can change your single-entry visa to multiple-entry visa  for $20.
  5. All Tourists visas are valid for 3-6 months within your travel to Nepal.

Required Documents For Nepal Tourist visa

1. Passport.

Your passport should be valid for minimum 6 months. Also your passport should have at least one blank page for visa stamping.

2. Photo.

You need only one passport size photo for your Nepal tourist visa on arrival. But keep some extra passport photographs as you may need while visiting some places.

3. Immigration Papers

Mostly you are going to get the immigration papers while on the plane before you land. You should fill it right away. So that you can pass immigration quickly upon arrival.

On Arrival Nepal tourist visa application process.

There are two options you have to complete the application process.

Option 1. Online Visa Application Form

You can visit this Nepal Gov web site online Nepal immigration gov tourist visa. And fill out application in your home country before travelling to Nepal. This will expedite your process. You will have to take the print out of the confirmation page and submit at the immigration desk.

Remember this online confirmation page is valid only for 15 days. They remove all the information from their system if it is older than 15 days.

Option 2. Visa On Arrival Application Process At The Airport

If you don’t like to fill online application form then no problem. You can complete your application even easily at the airport.  Most of the tourist complete application on arrival. Just bring your documents to the visa registration machines. Then scan the bar-code of your passport. After that take your photo.

The machine will generate a slip of paper. You have to bring this slip to the counter along with the payment. And you will get your visa stamped immediately.

People Belong To These Countries Are Not Allowed To Get Visa On Arrival

1. Zimbabwe 2. Somalia
3. Nigeria 4  Ghana
 5. Iraq 6. Syria
7. Swaziland 8. Cameroon
9. Palestine 10. Afghanistan
11. Liberia 12. Ethiopia

Currency Needed For Nepal Visa Fee

  1. You can pay your visa fee in many types of currencies.
  2. They accept US Dollars, Hongkong Dollars, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Euro  and Japanese Yen.
  3. You should keep US Dollars if possible.
  4. You can exchange your dollars in rupees at the airport. You can also exchange in bank and Hotel for better rates.

Photo Specification For Nepal Tourist Visa

There are no particular photo specifications for Nepal tourist visa. You can bring any passport size photo with face clearly visible. Also photo should be recently taken. They need just one photo graph but it is always better to keep couple of photos. You never know where you will need them.

Visit Nepal Immigration website for latest updated information.

Visit How To Apply Tourist Visa For Nepal From USA to apply tourist visa from USA.

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