7 Common Mistakes In US Visa Interview And Preparation

7 Common Mistakes In US Visa Interview And Preparation

Common Mistakes in us visa interview and preparation for H1b, F1, B1, B2, H4, L1

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Today we will discuss about some Common Mistakes in us visa interview and preparation.

1st Mistake: Making a weak first impression.
First impression really matters a lot. it tells the visa officer how serious are you about the interview and career. Making a weak first impression restricts the conversation before starting.

Your impression must reflect your personality. It should reflect the kind of person you are, comfortable, confident, easy to communicate, neat and clean and enthusiastic. You should think that you may never get a second chance so bring best out of you and present your best.
You can win someone’s trust with your strong first impression.

2nd Mistake: Avoiding eye contact.
An eye contact can make or break an interview. eye contact is one of the most important techniques to master. It reflects confidence, engaging, trust and professional. Having good eye contact can be bridge between you and your dream.
You can tell everything orally but your eyes can tell a completely different story. So do not avoid eye contact.

3rd Mistake: Saying too much.
Sometimes we say too much. So, pay attention to what you speak. Keep your answers short, focus and do not tremble.

Do not start telling your whole story. it creates bad impression and the visa officer may get irritated and cut short your interview. You should answer to the point and give control back to the officer. In this way conversation will keep going.

4th Mistake: Not paying attention to supporting documents.
Most of the people do not pay attention to supporting documents. This is very important if you are going for F1 or b1 b2 visa interview. Supporting documents tie you to your home country. You can present yourself better. It will boost your confidence. So collect all your documents before going for visa interview.

5th Mistake: Appearing to be too confident or too nervous.
While appearing for visa interview your education, skills, experience and accomplishments are very critical and important but how you present yourself visually is what matters the most.
Your outlook, appearance, confidence plays an important role in getting visa.

Being confident is good but do not be over confident and always answer politely.
Do not tell the officer you are great, you tell him what great things you have done in your life. Keep consistent natural eye contact through out the interview.

6th Mistake: Not researching the university.
This point is for F1 visa candidates. I have seen many candidates go through all the questions, prepare well, wear formal cloths but goes blank when asked why did you choose this university.

You should spend some time and research about the university. You should know all the details about the university. You can easily find all the information online. Doing a good research about the university will really help you in the visa interview.

7th Mistake: Fail to rehearse.
In these days, prior to your interview, you should prepare a list of probable questions. You can visit our website the u s travel guide.com or any website for sample questions and answers. Write down your own answers on paper and practice loudly. Rehearse, rehearse and rehearse, i am stressing in this because this is really important.

Also this is your life changing event. You must be waiting for long, so give your hundred percent and spend some time for preparation for the visa interview. For face to face practice, you can also sit in front of your friend or someone and tell them to ask those questions.
You will be delighted when you hear those golden words “Your visa is approved”.
I hope you get your visa. Thanks for reading.

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