L1 Visa Interview Questions And Answers 2022

L1 Visa Interview Questions And Answers

L1 Visa Interview Questions And Answers 2022

Most of the questions i have compiled are suggested by friends who have attended L1 visa interview. Just go through all the L1 Visa Interview Questions And Answers and prepare your own answers even if some questions look simple to you. Trust me it will boost your confidence.

Section 1. Lets discuss about yourself.
The interviewer may ask you some questions about yourself to know your personality.

Q. Good Morning, How are you?

A. Good Morning, I am fine. How about you.

Q. What is the visa type are you applying for?

A. I am applying for L1 visa.

Q. Have you ever been to the USA?

A. If you have ever visited US, then answer yes otherwise no.

Q. What was your visa status when you visited last time?

A. Tell your visa type which you used to visit USA last time.

Q. When did you return from USA?

A. Tell exact date of your return from USA

Q. Can you provide visa fee receipt?

A. Pass the visa fee receipt to the officer.

Q. Do you have the petition letter?

A. Yes. pass the petition letter to the immigration officer.

Section 2: Some Questions about your current work.

Refresh your knowledge about your current company and work.

Q. Where are you working currently?

A. Tell the immigration officer your current company name.

Q. What is your current salary?

A. Tell the immigration officer your current salary.

Q. How log are you working with the current company ?

A. Answer accordingly.

Q. Why didn’t you change your current company for such a log time?

A. If are working for long time with the current company then give some logical answer. Your company reputation plays an important role in your case.

Q. Could you explain your role and responsibilities in the current organization on daily basis?

A. Explain your role and responsibilities to the consulate officer in short.

Q. What kinds of work your current organization does?

A. Explain your company’s work like my company is working on 5G technology.

Q. Have you gone through any training before joining your current company?

A. Yes.

Q. Can you name some of your clients?

A. Mention name of your clients to the consulate officer.

Q. What kind of services your company provides to clients?

A. Explain some of the services that your company provides to it’s clients

Q. How many years of experience do you have in this field?

A. Answer the question accordingly.

Section 3: Some questions about your USA company and client

Q. Why is your sponsor mentioned in the petition different than the current company?

A. Provide logical answers if the US company and the current company are different.

Q. What is the exact location of your US company?

A. Tell the exact location of your US company including town, city, state and zip code.

Q. What kind of work that you will be performing in US on behalf of your company?

A. The consulate officer will be asking this question to know about your work in the US. You should clearly explain the job roles and responsibilities in detail.

Q. Why can’t you do this job from here?

A. This is little bit tricky question. Prepare for it well. You have to convinced the consulate officer that you can not do this job from here and you need to be present there.

Q. What will be your annual salary or compensation?

A. Tell exactly what is written in the petition.

Q. Will you be paid in dollars or in your country currency?

A. Dollars.

Q. Who will be your supervisor?

A. Tell the name of your US supervisor.

Q. Is your supervisor residing in US?

A. Yes.

Q. Can you provide the details of the direct contact person in USA?

A. Mention the name and contact details of the contact person in US.

Q. What will be your work location?

A. Tell the officer your work location

Q. Will you be working at client location or your company’s location?

A. Answer the question accordingly.

Q. What will you do if you are out of work during your stay?

A. You can answer simply that i will come back to my country.

Q. What is the unique skill do you have for this job?

A. Explain your best skill set and make sure it matches with the US job profile.

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