Sample Employment Verification Letter For H1b Visa Stamping

Sample employment verification letter template h1b employee

Sample Employment Verification Letter For H1b Visa Stamping

Xyz technology
September 9 2019

To whom it may concern:

This letter certifies that Mr Singh is employed at our xyz company since March 2018 and he holds the position of senior software engineer. His current gross salary is $112,000 USD per year. He is a full time employee. He is a valuable resource and we hope to have him with our company for many more years to come.

If you have any questions regarding his employment situation, please feel free to contact our human resource department number listed below.


David Willy.
Human Resource Manager.

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Sample Employment Verification Letter (Request)

If you are looking for employment verification letter for your new employee, you can follow the below template and you can add information you need to know about your employee from his/her previous employer.

Rick Martin
Xyz pvt Ltd.
Full Address of your company
September 12 2019

Amy Galiver.
Full company address.

Dear Amy,
Mr. Amrenda Singh has applied for employment with our xyz pvt Ltd. He has mentioned your company as part of his employment history. You are kindly requested to provide your assistance to verify some of the details that Mr. Singh has mentioned in his resume.

1. What is Mr. Singh’s job title?
2. When did he work there. Please provide start and end dates.
3. What was his annual salary?
4. Would you rehire Mr. Singh?
5. Did Mr. Singh adhere to all the company policies, including those regarding tardiness and sick
6. It will be helpful If you can provide any other information about Mr. Singh and his job performance?
7. If he is still employed with your company, please provide his last working day.
8. Any specific reason behind his resignation?

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you in advance for a prompt response!
David Mark.
Human Resource Manager.

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