F1 visa interview experience 2019

F1 visa interview experience

F1 visa interview experience

One of my friend and active user of theusravelguide recently appeared for his f1 visa interview. He has shared his F1 visa interview experience here as follows.

I took student loan and i did not have high liquid assets. I have a number of relatives in the United States. I had mentioned this in my DS-160. Being honest is the best thing according to me. I was little bit nervous initially. But it is fine to be nervous little bit. We all are human and they can understand. Don’t fake any anything.

I had prepared well for this as US was my dream. I have gone through all the questions from this link Sample b1 b2 visa interview questions and answers. Of course the officer is not going to ask all the questions but it is always better to prepare all the answers. It will really help you in building confidence.

Note: You can have liquid assets in any amount you wish. If do not have loan this amount can be 1.5 times of your I20 amount. And it is perfectly fine. The sounder you are financially the better it is. Since i had taken loan, so did not show any assets.

Your parents can have a around 30l–40l + annual salary. And it’s totally fine so don’t fake it as they can check the ITR and bank statements for the same.

So, coming to the interview. It was a nice communication. An the best part was hearing those Golden words. “Congratulations, Your visa has been approved. Welcome to USA”

Officer: Good Morning How are you?

Me: Good Morning. I am doing good sir(keep smiling face). How are you doing today?

Office: I am doing great. Thank you. Why do you want to travel to US?

Me: I will be going to pursue my Master’s in Computer Science.

Officer: Whats your last level of education?

Me: I have done my Bachelors of Technology from Delhi technical University.

Officer: What was your major in undergrad?

Me: It was was Computer Science.

Officer: When did you graduate?

Me: I graduated in May 2018.

Officer: Do you have any work experience?

Me: I have been working for xyz for 1 year.

Officer: Which University are you going to take admission?

Me: Wilminton University, U.S.A

Officer: Why Wilminton University?

ME: It is a globally recognized university. The university is known for it’s research and has published so many papers on computer science.

Officer: Why would you like to study in the US?

Me: Getting a degree from USA will give me international exposure. Also USA is known for it’s academic excellence.

Officer: Can I see your experience letter?
Me: Sure sir. Here it is.
Officer: Who is sponsoring your studies?
Me: I have taken loan.

Officer: Can i see bank statement as well as loan documents?

Me: Yes sir, here you go.

Officer: How many universities did you apply to?

Me: I applied to 6 universities.

Officer: Did any university reject you?

ME: No sir.

The officer was impressed and said good.

Officer: When will you come back?

Me: I will utilize my otp to get global exposure and then come back to India.

Q. Are you married?

A. No.

Officer: Why would you come back? Will you find a better job her than USA?

Me: Honestly speaking i fumbled here. I thought my handwork gone in vein. I was not prepared for this.

So, i said my parents are here. They are getting old and i want to be with them. Also India is the IT hub. All the big companies have offices here. Definitely i will find a better job.

Officer:  Congratulations your visa has been approved.

I was in the seventh cloud after hearing these golden words. It was like a dream for me to study in the United States of America. And finally it came true.

Please share your F1 visa interview experience by commenting on this blog.

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