us visitor b1 b2 visa interview experience

us visitor b1 b2 visa interview experience

us visitor b1 b2 visa interview experience

I am Shekhar, sharing my us b1 b2 visa interview experience here. I am from Delhi India. So, i went to Delhi US consulate for my b1 visa interview. This was my first time to any consulate as i never went out my country.

I scheduled my biometric on Monday and actual interview next day i.e on Tuesday. Since my home is not so far from us consulate, i schedule schedule my interview at 9:00 am. First day was just biometrics. So nothing fancy on that day. So coming to the actual interview.

I reached reached the us consulate around 8:30 AM. There was a big line. The guard saw my appointment letter and asked me to be in line with everyone.

To be honest I was scared considering the current situation and having expert suggestions from everyone. People had scared me by saying that half of the b1 visas gets rejected every year. Of course getting US visa is not simple. Everyone asked me to wear formals, go clean shaved and have smile on your face. Everyone hyped it so much that I got really nervous for the Visa interview.

I went through many websites and read so many questions and answers and that really helped to build confidence. We know the officer is not going to ask all the questions but it help anyway to build your confidence.

Coming to the interview day. Believe me, i did not wear formals. I went for the interview wearing smart casuals and had a stubble beard to go along with it. The interview went something like this:

Me : Hello, Good morning.

Officer : Good morning. Please pass me your passport.

Officer : Have you ever been outside India ?

Me : No, I have never been outside India.

Officer: Have you ever been denied visa for any country?

Me: I never applied before. This is my first time.

Officer: Why do you want to go to US ?

Me : I have been invited by Apple to attend a conference.

Officer: Do you have invitation letter?

Me: Yes, here’s the invitation letter.

Officer: What kind of conference is it?

Me : It’s for the individuals who actively contribute in improving the Apple Sri aps.

Officer : Why have they invited you ?

Me : Because I am an active contributor on Sri app.

Officer : So what do you do ?

Me : Currently I am working for xyz company.

Officer: How are you going to pay the expenses in the US?

Me : Everything will be paid by Apple, it is written in the letter.

Officer: OK, So where do you live and with whom?

Me : I live with my parents here in Delhi.

Officer: What do your father do?

Me : We have a family business. We own a wholesale shop.

Officer: Are you married?

Me: No.

Officer: Are you going to live in usa forever?

Me: No, i have my family and job here.

Officer: Where will you stay in USA?

Officer: Do you have any family member in us?

Me: No.

Me: My company has booked hotel for me near Apple office.

Officer : Nice. Your visa will be ready in 2 to 3 days. Take care.

Me : Thank you.

It was a nice b1 b2 visa interview experience for me. I would recommend to go through below link and prepare a little bit, it will give you confidence.

Sample b1 b2 visa interview questions and answers.

You can also go through this link and get to know what are the things you can do in the United States with your b1/b2 visa .What is b1 b2 Visa? Difference between b1 and b2 visa, things to do with b1 b2 visa. Please share your b1 b2 visa interview experience by commenting below.

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