Sample F1 visa interview questions and answers

Sample F1 visa interview questions and answers

F1 visa interview questions and answers

These are the Sample F1 visa interview questions and answers asked at US consulate around the world. Go through each question and do some research about the college or university you are applying for.

1. About the Visa you are applying for

Q. Good morning, how are you?

A. Good morning. I am fine. How about you?

Q: What kind of visa are you applying for?

A: F1 visa.

Q: What is the purpose of your visit to USA and why do you need a visa?

A: I have applied for higher education in xyz university and they have accepted my application. So i need f1 visa to study there.

Q: How did you receive the documents for the visa interview?

A: My college sent me all the relevant documents

Q: Who made the appointment for the interview?

A: Myself.

Q. What do you think About The U.S.A?

A.  I think US is the best place to study. They have some great universities in the world. Some of the best research are done here.

Q. Will  there be any Language or communication problem for you?

A. No, I have very good command in  English and it was taught to me since I was 7 years old. I have all my courses are in English. I have also scored well in my Toefl exam.

Q. Have You gone through any Websites Related To This Interview?

A. There so many website that i came across. But since U.S travel docs declared that it’s the official website for visas, I have followed the rules of that website only.

Q. Once you are back to your home country , What Kind Of Job Will You Get?

A. Do some research and find out what kind of job will suit your profile once you come back.

Q. Why are you scared?

A. first thing be confident. There is nothing to be scared of. If they ask, simply say no sir i am not scared.

2. About Yourself

Q: How many brother and sisters you have?

A: Answer accordingly.

Q: Do you have any family member in the USA?

A: No.

Q: Where do you currently stay?

A: Tell your current address.

Q: Who do you stay with currently?

A: With my parents.

Q: Where will you stay in USA?

A: Tell the address of USA where you are planning to stay.

Q: Who will pay for your trip to the U.S.?

A: My parents

Q. When was your passport issued?

A. Tell the passport issued date written on your passport.

Q. Is this your first passport?

A. Answer accordingly.

Q. Is this your first time to any us consulate?

A. Answer accordingly.

Q. Will you come back from USA?

A. Yes, of course i will come back. I have my family here. With this course i can get a good paying job here.

Q. Why would you want to come back from US?

A. I have family and friends here. I can find good job after completing my course in US.

Q. What will you do after coming?

A. I will find a job based on my education and experience.

Q. Have you ever been to USA?

A. If yes, Simply say yes, otherwise No.

Q. How long will you stay in USA?

A. Once i finish my course, i will come back.

Q. Do you have any family member in USA

A. No.

Q. Have you booked your flight?

A. Yes.

About Educational qualification and Experience:

Q. What is your qualification?

A. I have done my graduation in computer science.

Q. How many years of experience you have in this field?

A. Say yes if you have any experience or say i just finished my college.

Q. What is your highest degree?

A. Bachelors.

Q. Can i see your degree certificates?

A. Yes.

About the College and course you are applying for

Q. What is the course you are applying for?

A. MS in Computer Science.

Q. Why did you choose that course?

A. I really passionate about computer science. There are not many experts on this subject here. So if i do this course in US, it will help me a lot here in India once i come back.

Q. Why did you choose this University?

A. I will suggest you to do some research and list out prose. You can say their MS department is very good. The university is known for research on this field. You can also say i am a big fan of this professor and want to learn from him

Q. Do you know any professor? did you contact any?

A. I know the name of the professor. He is an expert in this field.I have not contacted him personally but excited to learn from him.

Q. Did you get any scholarship?

A. be honest and tell yes/no.

Q. What will you do after graduation?

A. I will come back and take up a job here. My degree will help stand out in this field.

Q. Why don’t you stay here and study?

A. The University has much reputation in international publication. I think this will be an opportunity for me to learn from them. i will also get global exposure.

Q. Who is going to sponsor you?

A. Tell your sponsor. Like i have taken bank loan plus my parents will support financially.

Q. How you parents will manage if they spend so much money on you?

A. My father has other properties apart from job and policies.

Q. Do you plan to work while studying?

A. I want to focus on my studies only. So i have no plan for work.

Q. If You Run Out Of Money In The US, How will you manage?

A. I have enough balance in my account to cover all the expenses. So this situation will not arise.

Q. Do you know your rights?

A. Click this link to read full article. rights of immigrants in usa: H1b, H4, f1, b1, b2 visa, gc.

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