H1b Spouse H4 Work Permit, Rule And Authorization

H1b Spouse H4 Work Permit, Rule And Authorization

H1b Spouse H4 Work Permit and Authorization

H4 is a dependent visa. There are thousands of people living in USA on H4 visa. Many H1b spouse leaves jobs in their home country and come to USA and stay at home without job. In 2015, during Obama administration “Employment Authorization for Certain H4 Dependent Spouses Bill” was passed.

This brought happiness to thousands of h4 visa holders and at the same time many Americans were not happy with this. They thought competition for job would be increased. They have to fight with thousands of immigrants. This insecurity was quite obvious. So a group called save jobs USA filed lawsuits against this h4 ead rule.

Educational requirements for H4 EAD?

There is no educational requirement for filing H4 EAD application. The EAD holders are authorized to work anywhere and at any place in the United States.

Validity of H4 ead?

Validity of your h4 ead will same as the validity of your I94. So basically your EAD card expires with your I94.

Where can I work with H4 Ead?

You are authorized to work anywhere as it doesn’t come under specially occupation. Also your work does not affect any status. But you can only work as long as your EAD card is valid.

Can I work in Walmart sales with H4 ead?

As said it doesn’t come under specialty occupation, you can work anywhere. You can also contact Walmart hiring officers. They can give you more information.

H4 Ead application process?

Click here for full application process. Documents Needed For H4 EAD Application form checkList USCIS.

Can I work as a part time?

Yes, you are authorized to work as a full time as well as part time anywhere.

Click here for latest H4 EAd happenings H4 ead latest news update (August 2019) timeline rule revoke.

How long does it take to get h4 Ead approved ?

If you didn’t get RFE then it will take around 60 to 120 days from the date of receipt notice. Please remember approval time has been increased because of h4 biometric rule which was introduced in March 2019.

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