What is the easiest way to get a work visa in the us

What is the easiest way to get a work visa in the us

I have been living in the USA since last six years. And my friends back in my home country often ask me this question. “What is the easiest way to get a work visa in the us?” This is a common question thrown at every NRI. There is no any straightforward answer for this question. I generally ask their preferences like are they looking for short term or long term.

B1 Business visa

B1 visa is the easiest way to come to the United states for short term. In fact B1 visa is not a work visa. It is a business visa. But every company will send their employees to US for some business purpose. So, if you have good terms with your manager and the project you are working for is some how related to US. Then you can easily apply B1 visa and come to USA for 6 months.

You can go through this link for all the requirements of B1 visa. What is b1 b2 Visa? Difference between b1 and b2 visa, documents.

L1 Visa

L1 visa is next in line after b1 visa. It is easy in the sense you do not have to go through lottery system. So if you have project in the United States your company can apply L1 visa for you. With L1 you can not change company here but your company can keep extending it.

H1b Visa

Sometimes getting h1b visa is easier than any other visa if you are lucky. But now a days there are so many rules and conditions. Most of the companies are following rules strictly to avoid rejection and getting bad name. If your company files h1b then it is not guaranteed that you are going to get it. I know some people who tried for four consecutive years and still was not lucky enough to get it. Luck plays a big factor in getting H1b visa.

Please go through this link to more about H1b visa. How to get h1b visa | How to apply for h1b visa? Difficulties.

F1 Student Visa

Although F1 is not a work visa. But you can come to the United States as a student and after completing your studies you can work here on OPT. Meanwhile you can also apply for h1b visa. This is also a good idea to enter the USA. If you keep applying H1b visa while working on OPT, you should get it in 2 or 3 attempts.

Follow this link to know more about F1 visa. f1 visa requirements, Required documents for f1 visa interview.


There are some other work visas also. Some work visas are even country specific. And getting country specific visas are very easy. Click this link to know more. And check if you belong to those countries. Different types of US work visas | Quick guide for 11 types.

So, nothing is easy in this world. Enjoy wherever you are. If you really want to come to United States then you have to try again and again and keep looking for opportunities.

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