H4 visa interview experience 2021

H4 visa interview experience

My H4 visa interview experience was horrible. It was my first time that i went to any foreign consulate. Before this i never visited any visa center or consulate, as i never went out of my home country. I was little bit nervous as i was told that some US person will take my interview.

So i scheduled, in fact my husband scheduled my interview in January 2019.We scheduled bio-metric on January 3rd 2019 and interview next day January 4th.

Let me tell you first about my bio-metric experience before my
my horrible h4 visa interview experience.


At first they asked my name and asked for appointment letter. Here, they will not ask any interview question. They will take our bio-metric information and done. You are all set to go for interview next day. I went to Kolkata US consulate as it is near my home town. All the staffs at the Bio-metric center were good. Everything was cool here. And it made me think that everything would be OK from here on wards.


I reached the visa center 30 minutes before my appointment time. There was a big line. The guard asked me to show my appointment letter. After seeing my appointment letter he asked me to wait in line. After 30 minutes my turn came.

I went inside and waited for my turn. The officer asked my name and the visa type i was applying for. Since my visa type was H4 So, he asked my marriage registration certificate which i did not have. But I had court marriage certificate. One of my friend suggested that if you can not get marriage registration certificate then court marriage certificate should work. So I gave my court marriage certificate to the officer.

At first he was not convinced. He started discussing with other colleague and at the same time i was getting nervous. But after discussing with other colleagues he accepted my court marriage certificate. After that he saw my husband’s visa stamping and I-7-97 approval copy.

My husband had recently changed his job. So his visa stamping was different than his I-797 approval. And this created a huge problem. The officer said that we can not give you visa as your husband’s visa stamping is not matching with his new i797 approval. The officer asked visa stamping of my husband with current company.

The officer said that one’s your husband gets his new stamping with new i797. Then you can send us new stamping though and you will get your visa. Since my husband’s visa stamping was valid, he didn’t go for stamping.

I showed my husband’s pay stubs and bank statements. I also showed his I94. Still the officer was not convinced and rejected my visa and gave me 221(g) form. The officer said that when your husband gets his visa stamping with current company you can email his stamping with this 221(g) form. I was almost crying. I could not convinced the officer. I tried my best but failed to convince him.

My husband had to leave within a week, so he did not went for stamping and went to USA alone. I was left alone in India. I had no choice.

After reaching USA he got his new I-94. He was not sure what to do to bring me USA. He just thought lets send the new I94 to the mentioned email in 221(g) form. And he emailed the new I-94 and 221(g) form to the mentioned email address on behalf of me. Also requested that if you do not give visa to me, i will be here alone until my husband comes next time.

After 10 days my visa was approved, which we never expected but nevertheless it was the happiest moment for us. It was like a surprise for us and the happiest moment for me.


1.Dress appropriately.

2. Arrive early.

3. Don’t be nervous.

4. Keep smiling.

5. Whatever you say, say confidently and politely.

7. If you can not understand interviewer’s accent. Don not hesitate to say ”
I beg your pardon”.

8. You should schedule interview in the language you are comfortable with.

8. Carry all the necessary docs in your hand.

9. You should know your travel itinerary.

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