How Covid 19 has impacted H1b Visa holders in US

How Covid 19 has impacted H1b Visa holders in US

How Covid 19 has impacted H1b Visa holders in US

1. There are around 300,000 Indians working on H1b Visas in the USA. Many will have to bid goodbye because of layoffs.

2. Amid coronavirus induced recession, there are thousands of H1b visa holders who may lose their visa status soon.

3. Because most of the businesses  are slowing down, so many h1b visa holders may lose jobs. 

4. People are not travelling, no one buying mobile phones, no one going to restaurants etc. In short everyone is buying only necessary things. People are already losing jobs in these sectors. 

5. In last 4 months millions of people have already lost jobs in U.S.A

6. When h1b visa workers lose jobs, typically they are given a 60 days grace period to look for another job. If you don’t find a job within 60 days, you need to leave the country.

7. USCIS has enabled Non-permanent stay extensions due to COVID19. So 60 days grace period does not apply now.

8. Number of Americans filing for unemployment rises for first time since March, even as aid is set to shrink

9. In little more than four months, a staggering 52.7 million sought unemployment aid for the first time

10. Many Americans are demanding job preference over immigrants

11. Indian government has requested US gov to extend the visas of Indian nationals

12. 2.75 lakhs h1b visa application received for 2021, of which 67% are Indian and remaining world just 33%. I am not sure if we should be proud of this or needs change in our Indian IT sector.

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