How To Find Sponsors For H1B VISA

How To Find Sponsors For H1B VISA

How To Find Sponsors For H1B VISA

Finding a sponsor for your h1b visa is the most important part of getting h1b visa and coming to the United States of America.

For example, You found a job in the USA and your resume is impressive. But seeing your visa status, your profile will not be selected. You may request them to file your h1b saying you would join them after approval. This is where the  problems arise. Let’s discuss these two problems or you can say concern of any us employer if they select your profile.

Problem 1. 

What would happen if they selected your profile and you cleared interviews  but your h1b applications did not pick up in lottery?

This is the biggest headache for any employer and it is a genuine concern. We can not argue on that. They spent money on you and on top of that their time. They file your h1b application but h1b lottery results are not in your employer’s hand. They have to wait for next year and I am sure no one would want to do that.

Problem 2.

How would you make your us employer believe that you would join them after h1b picked up in lottery.

By the time you get your h1b visa, you may get better opportunities in your home country and you may not want to come. Even if you are genuine guy and 100% sure that you want to come to the usa. It will be hard for you to make them believe.

So, according to me there is no point in finding a job directly in USA. Your main focus should be on finding a sponsor if you are really interested to come to USA. Sponsoring an h1b visa is not that easy for any companies now a days. They have to spend money and a lot of time for each h1b visa application.

So, how to find a sponsor who can file h1b visa on behalf of you?

Finding a sponsor can be tricky sometimes. You might have done some research like which companies get more h1b visas. You might have seen big names like TCS, infosys, cognizant, Wipro etc.. But I would say if you are a fresher and want to come to the USA as soon as possible then don’t join these big companies because there are already so many people in line before you.

So find some small consulting companies in your home country having a small business office in USA. There are thousands of such companies. You can google. and if you are from India then comment below and I can give you some good names.

Even if you are not a fresher and working in some companies which are not filing your H1b application, you can reach to small consulting companies. You can clearly tell them you will join them if they are going to file h1b.

Trust me I have seen people who didn’t join my company. and just signed a bond saying that he would join the company if he gets H1b visa.

Basically you can negotiate with small consulting companies. and ask them to file H1b petition. and if gets approved you will join them.

How to find a sponsor for H1b visa while on a student visa?

Finding a sponsor while you are already working on o p t is comparatively easy. 

You don’t have to face those two problems that we discussed earlier.

You can find consulting companies in the USA easily. You can work with them on o p t and ask them to file H1b. Since you are already working with them, they won’t have any problem filing your H1b visa.

You can also join companies directly as a full time employee and they will file your h1b. But of course finding a full time job is a little bit difficult.

Since you have done your higher education in the USA, you will get preference as well as reservation in h1b visa lottery. And getting h1b visa will be a little bit easier for you. 

There are so many websites where you can apply for full time as well as for contract jobs.

Please comment if you have any questions or doubts in your mind about this topic.

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