6 Important H4 Visa Interview Stamping Tips and tricks

6 Important H4 Visa Interview Stamping Tips and tricks

6 Important H4 Visa Interview Stamping Tips and tricks

Tips number 1. Basic knowledge about your spouse.

You should know your spouse’s birthday which is written on the passport.
Generally in india, real birthday and certificate birthday are different. And people make mistake here.
One of my friend told the officer her husband’s original birthday which was different than written on the passport.
It created a big problem for her. You should have basic idea about your spouse’s work, at least you should know
the job title and the company and client name.

Tips number 2. Proper documents.

This is the most important point. You should really spend some times and collect all the documents for h4 visa stamping.
I have made a video on h4 visa documents. Please watch at least once. You can search on youtube by typing “h4 visa interview documents theustravelguide” and click the first link.

Collect all the relevant documents for h4 visa stamping. If you are lucky then they may not ask any documents.

But if you are not lucky that day they may even ask your marriage photo album. So it is always better to carry all relevant documents.

Tips number 3. Preparation for Interview.

Interview preparation is very simple. You can watch my other video for h4 visa interview questions and answers. Just go through that video again and again. Also prepare your own answers. Going through all the questions will boost your confidence which is very important.

Tips number 4. Be Confident.

Throughout the interview be confident. Keep smiling face. It is okay to be nervous but keep yourself calm and confident. Never say you want to settle in USA. Your intention should be coming back to your home country. The officer may ask if you want to work in USA, your answer must be No.

Tips number 5. First Impression

Your first impression is very important. So, when you face the officer for the 1st time, keep smiling face and be confident. Your eye contact should be good. Keep your answers simple and straightforward.

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Tips number 6. Reach interview venue at least 30 minutes earlier.

This may seems very simple thing but trust me reaching interview venue earlier will boost your confidence. If you reach late you will be under tremendous pressure and you will forget answers to even simple questions.

So plan accordingly and reach the venue earlier and make yourself comfortable.

You can visit my YouTube channel and learn more. YouTube H4 Visa Interview Tips.

Click for H4 visa interview questions and answers.

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