H4 visa interview questions and answers 2019 Quick solutions

H4 visa interview questions and answers 2019 Quick solutions

H4 visa interview questions and answers can be divided into four sections.

1. About the Visa you are applying for

Q: What kind of visa are you applying for?

A: H4 visa.

Q: Why do you want to go USA and need a visa?

A: I want to accompany my spouse and for this i need visa.

Q: How did you receive the documents for the visa interview?

A: My husband brought all his documents.

Q: Who made the appointment for the interview?

A: Me and my husband helped me.

Q: When did your husband get visa stamping?

A: 12 Jun, 2017.

Q: Why did you not attend the visa interview along with your husband?

A: We got married later.

2. About Yourself

Q: What will you do in the USA?

A: I will be a housewife.

Q: Are you going to work in the USA?

A: No.

Q: Do you have any family member in the USA?

A: No.

Q: Where do you currently stay?

A: Tell your current address.

Q: Who do you stay with currently?

A: With my parents.

Q: Where will you stay in USA?

A: Tell the address of USA where your spouse is living and mentioned in his/her driving license or bank statement.

Q: While you are in the U.S., who will financially support you?

A: My husband.

Q: Who will pay for your trip to the U.S.?

A: My husband.

3. About Your Marriage

Q: Can I see the marriage certificate?

A: Yes, definitely. (Show it)

Q: Can I see your wedding album?

A: Yes. (Show it)

Q: Can I see your wedding invitation card?

A: Yes. (Show it)

Q: How long have you been married?

A: We just got married.

Q: When did you get married?

A: 18 November, 2018.

Q: Was it a love or arranged marriage?

A: Love marriage.

Q: When did you meet your spouse for the first time?

A: last year march.

Q: How did you meet your spouse?

A: In my cousin’e marriage.

Q: Where did you get married?

A: At marriage hall Maharani bag Delhi.

Q: Is your marriage registered?

A: Yes. Show the marriage registration certificate.

Q: How much was the cost of the marriage? Who paid for it?

A: Tell any number which looks practical.

Q: Did you get engaged before marriage? If so, do you have any proof of the same?

A: If you don not have any proof then simply say we got married directly. No engagement.

Q: Where did you go for the honeymoon. Do you have any proof of the same?

A: We didn’t go anywhere.

4. About Your Spouse

Q: What is the date of birth of your spouse?

A: 6 Jan 1991

Q: Which university did your spouse graduate from?

A: From  GGSIPU.

Q: What is the highest degree of your spouse?

A: Bachelor’s

Q: What is the name of the company your spouse works for?

A: Tell the name of your husband’s employer.

Q: Where is the employer of your spouse located?

A: Tell the US employer address.

Q: Where is the client company of your spouse located?

A: Tell the address of US client.

Q: What kind of work does your spouse do?

A: My husband is a computer programmer. He works in 5G and LTE technology

Q: For how long has your spouse been in the U.S.?

A: Around 3 years and 7 month

Q: For how long has your spouse been with the current employer?

A: 3 years

Q: What is the annual income of your spouse?

A: 93,000 dollars

Q: Can I see the pay-stubs and bank statements of your spouse?

A: Sure. (Show them.)

Q: Has your spouse applied for the green card?

A: No

Q. If they ask anything like how did you fill application in English or do you know English

A: I know English but I am more comfortable in Hindi

Q. For how long will you stay in USA?

A: most probably one year or as soon as my husband’s project gets over

Q. Will you settle in USA?

A: No, i want to live around my parents. I will visit USA for short time and come back to India.

Q. Will your spouse/husband settle in USA?

A. No. We both will come back after his project gets over.

Q. Do you know your rights?

A. Click this link to read full article. Rights of immigrants in usa: H1b, H4, f1, b1, b2 visa, gc.

H4 visa interview questions and answers are based on my experience. Please frame your answers according to your situations and data available to you. Be confident and answer in straightforward manner. The purpose of H4 visa interview questions and answers is to give idea about questions asked in US consulate.

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