What is H4 visa, work, study, bank account, NGO and license

What is h4 visa?

What is H4 visa

H4 visa is a dependent visa and is given to the spouse and children of a H1 visa holders. So that dependents can accompany the H1B visa holder to the U.S. during their stay. Family members of a h1b visa holder are allowed to enter US on h4 visa category.

Family members includes.

  1. Spouse
  2. Unmarried children under 21 years old 

What is the validity of H4 visa

The validity of the H4 visa depends upon the spouse’s H1b visa. USA consulate will give the h4 visa for the same time as the spouse’s h1b visa validity.

Can h4 visa holder study?

Yes, h4 family member can study while remaining in h4 category. But h4 family member are not allowed to work.

Certification courses for h4 visa holders.

There are many colleges in the USA where h4 family member can undertake any courses.

Education requirements for h4 visa

There is no qualification required to get h4 visa. One can even give interview in his/her own language. H4 is a dependent visa, so no one will expect you to be qualified. In fact if you are less qualified then your chances of getting visa is even more. But mostly they will not care about your educational background.

How much time it takes for H4 visa to get it approved after interview

It takes three to five working days. You can check the status online. And you will also receive email and SMS notifications.

Can i work with my H4 visa?

No, you can not. If you want to work on dependent visa. Then you need to change your h4 visa status to EAD visa which takes time.

Can h4 visa holder open bank account?

Yes, h4 visa holder can open bank account.

Can h4 visa holder get driving license?

Yes, h4 visa category are allowed to get driving license anywhere in US.

Can h4 visa holder join NGO?

Yes, of course. In fact this is the best choice for a h4 visa holder. Specially if your spouse is not often working from home and you do not have child. Then you should join some NGO. It will help you get to know many people and you will not feel lonely. Otherwise life will be boring sitting alone at home doing nothing.

My child is 21 year old. Is there a way to get him h4 visa?

No, there is no way to get h4 visa for family member older than 21 years of age. But there are other ways to bring him or her to US. You can bring your children on f1 student visa. You can find a h1b sponsor for your child if your child is working. If none of these are working for you. Then you can bring your child on B2 visitor visa.

External source uscis.

H4 visa stamping questions

1. Who filled application for you

Ans. I filled it myself with the help of my spouse.

2. Who is sponsoring for you

Ans. Self.

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H4 visa port of entry questions and answers

Q. Are you visiting USA first time?

A. Answer correctly as they will have all your USA travel records. If you are visiting 1st time then say yes.

Q. Are you coming alone?

A. Yes. If you are coming alone.

Q. Where will yo go?

A. Tell the address of your spouse.

Q. How will you go from here?

A. My husband is outside waiting for me(This question was asked to me).

Q. Where does your husband work?

A. Tell the client name and city. like google, mountain view.


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