perm processing time 2022

perm processing time

Perm Processing Time 2021

Average perm processing time is 7 months. Perm processing time depends upon many factors like the sponsoring company, current government rules etc. The perm processing mainly consist of three stages prevailing wage, recruitment and filling form 9089. Lets discuss perm processing time in details.

Prevailing Wage:

This is the first step in the perm process. Your company needs to get prevailing wage determination from the DOL. The time to get prevailing wage varies between few weeks to 3 months.


Minimum 60 days needed for this step. your employer needs to post job ads in news papers, college campuses, online etc. The job ads must run for at least 30 days and then you have to give 30 days for people to respond. So minimum 60 days required in this stage.

Form – 9089 application:

This is the most important and last step in the perm processing. This is also the most time taking step. The time taken in this step varies from 3 months to maybe a year. Your application may fall under any of the below categories and that will decide the approval time.

  • Analyst Review: When you send the 9089 application, your application will be under analyst review. In this step, they may approve, deny or put your application in audit. Generally analyst review takes 6 months to 9 months for an outcome to take place. So many people have got their approval within three months too.
  • Audits: If they find anything wrong in analyst review they will put in manual audit review. Some time they will also randomly select application and put in audit review. This is a time taken process and takes around 1 year to clear.
  • Reconsideration Requests: If the application gets rejected, Your employer can resend your application for reconsideration.
  • DOL Error Reconsiderations: If perm application was rejected due to U.S. government errors, Your employer may re-send the application for reconsideration.

Perm processing time line

So, if you combine all the three stages, perm processing  time will be minimum 7 months and maximum it can go till 18 months approx.

What’s next after perm approval?

 After perm approval, your employer will file I-140 petition. You can file I-140 in normal processing or premium processing. Premium processing will take 15 days while normal processing may take up to 6 months.

How to check PERM processing Status?

  1. You can visit the official website and check the currently being processed application.
  2. Your attorney can also contact the officials and get the updates for you.

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