h1b premium processing Time and Fees for transfer extension

H1b Premium Processing

H1b premium processing is a way to ask USCIS to put your case in the fast processing system and expedite h1b visa processing. It costs additional $1,410( fee increased in October 2018). The turnaround time is 15 calendar days. The goal of h1b premium processing is that USCIS will have a decision of your case within 15 calendar days.

Generally, if some one applies h1b extension in normal way. It takes too much time. Some times it takes more that eight months. But one can not stay in USA more than 240 days without valid i94. To avoid this situation one can apply h1b visa extension in h1b premium processing.

If someone wants to change company. He/she can join with the receipt number. But with receipt number there will be insecurity as you never know what will be the result. That is why people apply h1b visa extension in premium processing. And get the results in 15 calendar days and join new company.

H1b Premium Processing

H1b Premium Processing Time.

15 calendar days. The goal of h1b premium processing is that USCIS will have a decision of your case within 15 days.

H1b visa Premium Processing fees.

H1b visa Premium Processing fees costs additional $1,410. This fee is worth if you need the approval as soon as possible.

Is there any fee for LCA?

There is no fee from employer or employee to file LCA with the department of the labor.

H1b premium processing receipt

The receipt for h1b premium processing and h1b normal processing will be same. The only difference will be the fees.

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When should we apply h1b visa extension in premium processing

If you are in USA and you do not need to go your home country. Then you should not apply in premium processing. But there are some situations where you need to apply in premium processing. Consider you need to go to your country and you do not have valid visa stamping. Then you need to put your h1b visa extension or transfer case in premium processing .

If you are in USA and your driving license is expired. You have family or there are some people like me who can not live without car. Then you have to apply in premium processing. In fact some states give driving license for 240 days based on i797C receipt notice. But it is very difficult to get driving license with i797C notice.

H1b Transfer Premium Processing

You can file h1b visa transfer in premium processing. It is a better idea when you need to join a company immediately but you want to join only after h1b visa approval.

Is there a premium processing for LCA?

No, there is no premium processing for LCA. It takes 7 working days to get approved. There is no way to expedite it and there is no fee for it.

What will happen if h1b premium processing did not get approved within 15 calendar days?

Generally this does not happen. If it happens somehow, USCIS will return premium processing fees.

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