20 Best Things To Do In New York With Kids

Best Things To Do In New York With Kids

1. The Ride NYC

Best Things To Do In New York With Kids

Honestly speaking, this is the must-do trip in New York. This is breath taking, exciting and fun loaded. This looks like a stadium where one can sit on the chair and enjoy. It will take you some of the best sites. There will street performance. It will be the ride of your life. You can also choose VIP front seats after paying some 20 bucks extra. This is kind of different way to experience the different sites in the New York City. This is definitely one of the best Things To Do In New York With Kids.

You can buy your tickets by clicking this link the ride.

2. Central Park NYC

Best Things To Do In New York With Kids

I would say, this is one of the most biggest and best known parks of all. The park lives up to the expectations. The NYC central park is a great park to bike, hang out, play around, and spend time with family. A big breath of fresh air in NYC among the jungle of buildings and chaos. It is a beautiful park always filled with energy and positive vibes. You can run, ride a bike or just walk. You also do boating. So, it is a fun place for kids. You gonna have lots of fun here.

3. Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty, the symbol of freedom is the heart of New York. You are going to love it. And your kids are going to fall in love with this beautiful place. You will be amazed by the structure and the beautiful Island. You need to book your ticket ahead of time if you want to go up to the pedestal or crown.

The trip to Statue of Liberty is not that costly. You can buy tickets online. Considering you get a boat ride and visit to the museum and the statue, it is one of the more cheaper tourist attractions to see while in New York. It is worth every penny.


4. American Museum of Natural History

American Museum of Natural History is the one of the largest and best natural history museum in the United States. There is a huge range of displays and exhibitions for very reasonable fee. If you have kids then this is an ideal place for you. This is huge, so sometimes you may find it hard to find your way but employees are friendly. This museum is a treasure and masterpiece of cultural dynamics. It is breathtaking, cultural and educational. A must see place with kids. One of the Best Things To Do In New York With Kids.

5. The Empire State building

This marvelous structure is amazing. If you ever visit New York then this should be on your plate. Generally it is crowded on weekends. So if you can manage on weekdays then it is better. If you are going on weekends then make sure you reach early to avoid big lines. You can also pay little extra and buy VIP tickets and skip the line.

It is really exciting to see this amazing building. They have placed photographs of the Empire State Building being built, along with blueprints. They have also explained the danger the construction workers had when building this amazing building. The views of New York is breath taking. They have information and work schedules about the number of people working on the building at different times. This is really Impressive and well worth a visit.

6. Top Of the Rock

Top Of the Rock

30 Rockefeller Plaza is an American Art Deco skyscraper that forms the centerpiece of Rockefeller Center in Midtown Manhattan, New York City.

According to me this place rocks. This is a wonderful experience for everyone and for kids it is definitely amazing. This is the place high up that you want to be. Top of the Rock has the finest outside panoramic view in Manhattan. The elevator ride itself is amazing. They have a museum about historical things in New York City. They have plenty of gift shops. The outside observation tower is amazing.

Views from their is absolutely breathtaking. It is like You are standing in the middle of Midtown and you can see beautiful views all around you. I would suggest Best weather for the rooftop is the spring as Spring and summer views are breathtaking. For picturesque view, Go during the week at dusk. During Christmas, it even gets better. Top of the Rock and Rockefeller center are fabulously spectacular with the trees, music and lights

7. Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden

I will not be wrong, If I say, people travel from all over the world to experience the live concerts here. Madison Square Garden has so many great live shows. It is Really interesting place to visit.  Honestly speaking, If you do not like crowds, MSG is not the place for you. We got a chance to watch basketball game. Our kids and we loved it. The atmosphere was amazing, it was a full packed house. The entertainment was fantastic. Loved it. Go with entire family as it is one of the Best Things To Do In New York With Kids.


8. Coney Island

Let’s assume, It is a 90 degree day. Really hot and you have kids in New York City who don’t want to walk around. So, think what do you do? I have a better plan for you. You get into the train and after an almost 90 minute ride you will be at Coney island in Brooklyn.

The water is beautiful and clean with no seaweed and no bug waves in this Island. There are some rides there which Gonna remind you of the small family run amusement parks of days gone by. It is a gritty place. Generally it will be full of families on a Sunday afternoon/evening. The sunset there is beautiful. People enjoy watching it. The kids are going to enjoy all the rides and the yummy snacks and food.

9. Museum of Modern Art

Museum of Modern Art

MOMA i.e Museum of modern art never disappoints anyone. You will Love the art experience and going to find always something new and exciting. The restaurant in MOMA is MAZING. This is certainly a Beautiful place with Excellent art. To experience everything you will need a few hours. It is a lovely place and the people are very friendly. Generally the food in the cafes is expensive.

Since this a fun place, There will always be some fun exhibition. Paintings are gorgeous. Once my friend went to specifically see The Starry Night by Van Gogh. His 5 year old son absolutely loved it. They said they found the museum very educational. The Museum of Modern Art is really a must see while in New York specially with kids.

IMPORTANT point: Free visit on Fridays from 4pm to 8pm.

10. Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds

This is a nice one day trip if you are a celebrity worshiper. In the heart of Times Square Madame Tussauds New York is the only place where there is no ropes or barriers holding you back from living your best life with your favorite stars. It was voted as one of New York’s most unique attractions. Madame Tussauds invites you to experience famous moments with the world’s most iconic world leaders, musicians, sports legends, A-list stars and many more. It is a fun place for all age groups. Many people are pleasantly surprised at the size of the attraction. You can enjoy the 4D film.

11 Big bus new york hop on hope off bus tour

Big bus new york hop on hope off bus tour

This is really interesting. When i went 1st time to New York, my friend suggested me this. It was around in December 2014. It was really cold and windy. Once we came out of the Penn station, there were some guys selling tickets. We paid $35 each. It is for whole day. So you can go to any place get down enjoy and then get into another bus and go to different places. If you are in group then, it is even better.

Remember this is not for toddler or kids below 2. It is fun and exciting. There will be so many other people. So, you all can scream and enjoy and experience New York

12 Circle Line sightseeing

Circle Line sightseeing

Circle Line is recognized as one of the most famous boat rides in the world. This makes possible for Great sight seen of multiple sides of the city of Manhattan. It includes Long Island and Brooklyn and the famous statue of liberty. They will have a tour guide in the cruise. Generally he will be very funny but also very knowledgeable about the history of all. This is the Quick way to see so many beautiful things in NY.  It is almost 2.5 hours long.

You can buy tickets can be bought at pier 83.



13. Children’s Museum Of Manhattan

Children's Museum Of Manhattan

Children’s Museum of Manhattan is a great Museum for kids of ages 1-5. It is a museum for the young children. So, do not except much for older people or child aged above 5 years. There are some permanent exhibitions. There will be some interesting activities and the workshops. Mostly kids will like more the water activities and to build a roller coaster. Interestingly, each floor is themed differently and very tactile. It is a perfect for a rainy days. Complete indoor activities.

14. Brooklyn Children’s Museum

Brooklyn Children's Museum

Brooklyn Children’s Museum is a wonderful place to spend the day with the family. There are remarkable and kid-friendly collection of 20,000 cultural artifacts and natural history specimens in this exciting place. There is an specific area geared for toddlers which is really great.  You can grab a bite to eat at the museum or opt to eat somewhere in the neighborhood.

The children going to mostly enjoy the water play and digging in the sand. They will also like various building blocks, dress up area, and the various arts and crafts activities they have on week-ends.  The kids also enjoy when the sea animals are exhibited with explanations. Also remember each child is given an opportunity to touch the crabs and sea horses.

15. Sugar Hill Children’s Museum of Art & Storytelling

Sugar Hill Children's Museum of Art & Storytelling

Alexander the storyteller is amazing. Engaging, funny, and thoughtful. We had such a wonderful experience there with our three boys (6,3,1). Highly recommend. There are also lots of activities to captivate young minds. Hands on, full body, open ended, creative activities. So fun. A great learning environment for the whole family!

I live close to this museum and we are very lucky to have this!!! It’s a huge open space with different activity sections on the side. I love this very open layout as the kids can run and dance around without bumping into each other(some children museums are like little indoor playgrounds)as well as many creative welcoming sections with actual art making activities(water brushes, blocks, art-crafty fishing, shadow/shapes and wooden blocks etc). The building itself feels calm and peaceful despite of Children’s museum, so I never feel overwhelmed by all the kids(you know how it gets intense at certain playgrounds and kid-friendly places you go)!!

16. City Treehouse

City Treehouse is good for kids. They will have so much fun playing with the water table, slide and the sand pit. The sand actually made of rice and bean. It is  a great place for kids under 4. Keep in mind there are so many bigger kids will playing, so make sure your kid does not get pushed by bigger kids. They get to play with other kids of their age and have fun. There is lots to do here. Do not forget to bring change of cloths.

They have all the elements your kids would loves. They have cool water play zone, fun tree house to climb around, games to crafts and great music. There are also many places for parents to sit and work or relax or they can play with kids. According to me it is an ideal indoor play place.

17. New York Hall Of Science

New York Hall of Science is educational and energetic. It presents 450 exhibits, demonstrations, workshops and participatory activities that explain science, technology, engineering, and math. The kids can spend all day. There is a really awesome toddler area. There is a great outdoor playground. Also in the summer, there are water-play stations. Lots of interactive stuff. Plenty of parking but it costs $12.

Admission is free on Sunday  but the parking still costs. Lots of hands on exhibits of interest for all ages.

18. Gulliver’s Gate

Gulliver’s Gate is a unique and playful interpretation of the real world in miniature. It is inspired by the places we live, work, play, and dream about. It will be a different and truly amazing experience for anyone. The detail and craftsmanship that went into constructing all the models of cities are just fascinating. Adult can found it to be very interesting and it will be a fun experience for your kid as well. The staff members are very friendly and offer much information on the shown exhibits. You are going to loved it.

19. New York City Fire Museum

New York City Fire Museum

The New York City Fire Museum is a museum dedicated to the New York City Fire Department in the Hudson Square neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City. This is really good if you like history things. There are some historic exhibits and the social history would be enlightening. If you enjoy history you will love this place. The 9/11 exhibit is quite moving and is worth the trip.  Everything you ever wanted to know about fire brigades is right here. this is a great place to visit for the whole family. There is a $10 entrance fee.

20. Children’s Museum of the Arts

Children's Museum of the Arts

There are many art activities and singing session. Your kids going to love it. I would say this is more a creative studio, not a museum with exhibits. There are things to explore and do on your own. There are lots of options of special projects for which you can take help from the museum helpers and artists. Do sign up for the clay bar first thing you do since it is very popular. The clay bar fills up fast since there is limited seating.

They have stations throughout the museum with instruction on specific tasks. Take an example at the clay bar there will be someone to help the kids make specific animals. Also, they have lots of space in a designated area where visitors can sit and eat lunch. There are so many other food options like a Starbucks and a large Pret-a-Manager around the corner, as well as several other food options close by.


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