Best time of the year to visit New York City

best time of the year to visit new york city

Best Time of the Year to Visit New York City

New York is a dream city for everyone in this world. Everybody wants to visit New York at least once in his/her life time. So, this is really important to know the best time to visit New York. I have been to New York in many times. I have enjoyed all the weather in New York.

There is always something to do in the this dream city. People visit this city through out the year. The first time i visited New York, it was winter. It was new year and cold wind was playing with our body. If you are not used to this kind of cold weather then you are going to return to your hotel immediately.

I prefer to visit New York in the summer. In summer you can do so many activities. You can roam around the city at night. You can walk anywhere you want.

Accordingly to me April to July is the best time to visit New York City. August and September is okay to visit.

Most of the outdoor activities are better in summer. If you are coming from warm places then you should consider this point while planning to see this beautiful city. There are so many things to do and see here. You can go through below links and plan your trip.

Click here for. 12 Top Most New York City Attractions For Families.

Cloths to wear in winter for New York

If you are visiting New York City in winter time, then make sure you have really good warm cloths with you. Your cloths should cover your entire body. Wear thermal underwear. And bring had gloves with you.

The wind is going to be really strong in winter. So, you need something to cover your ears and keep it warm. Do not think i am scaring you. This is my personal experience.

What is the difference in sight seeing between winter and summer in NYC

There is no difference in sight seeing. All the attractions will be open in summer as well as in winter. So, you are not going to miss anything based on the weather condition. The major difference will be the time. In summer sun set will be around 8:30 PM while in winter sun set will be around 5:00 PM. This is a major difference. In summer you will have more time to enjoy.

If you are coming from far, then it is better to plan in the summer time. You will not have carry many things around your body and you can roam around easily.

Best time of the year to visit New York City with kids

If you have toddlers or kids under the age of 5, then always plan in summer. It will be fun with the kids. Visit this link to know about kids attraction in NYC.  20 Best Things To Do In New York With Kids.

Please share your experiences and questions by commenting in this blog and help others.

Let us know which weather and time you like the most while traveling to the New York City.

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