Sample b1 b2 visa interview questions and answers

Sample b1 b2 visa interview questions and answers

We will discuss here about b1 b2 visa interview questions and answers. We will also discuss about b1 b2 visa questions at port of entry. Let’s discuss b1 b2 visa interview questions and answers first.

Mostly for B1 B2 Visa, the consulate officer will be asking asking questions to determine your eligibility. They would try to find out that if your reality can be believed. Are you really believable?

Frequently asked b1 b2 visa interview questions and answers.

Q. Good morning, How are you doing today?

A. Good morning, I am doing great, how about you?

Q. What is the visa type are you going to apply for

A. B1 visa if you are going for business. B2 visa if you are going as a visitor.

Q. Why are you going to the US?

A. With my experience, mostly this will be the 1st question. You have to explain like whom you are going to see and what are the places you will visit. If you are going to participate in conference then explain it to the officer. If it is all about business then explain what kind of business are you going to do in the US.

If you are going as a visitor. Just tell, i want to see the USA. I have heard so much about it.

Q. Where are you from?

A. I am from Delhi.

Q.Why are you going to a particular state in the US?

A. My business client is located in California and the conference will happen in San Francisco that is why i am going to California.

If you are a visitor then say, it is a nice place that’s why i am going there. If your family members are there then say my son or daughter is staying there. 

Q. Have you been to the USA before?

A. If yes, say yes, otherwise say no.

Q. Where will you stay in the US?

Tell the name of hotel where you have planned to stay. If you are going to see your family then say their address.

Q. Where are you working currently?

A. I am currently working in xx company.

Q. Have you ever been denied a visa?

A. Answer honestly.

Q. How long are you going to satay in the US?

Do not say 6 months. Just say 1 or 2 months.

Q How will you manage your finances?

If you are going on b1 then say, my company will bear all the finances. If it is B2 visitor, then you have to show that you have balance in your account to finance yourself.

Q. Are you married ?

A. Answer honestly.

Q. How much do you earn in your current company?

A. Answer exactly whatever mentioned in your pay check.

Q. Will you come back from USA and Why?

A. You should prepare well for this question. You will have to convince the consulate officer that you will come back.

Q . Which country have you traveled before?

A. Tell the name of all the countries you visited.

Q. Are you travelling alone or with someone?

A. Alone.

Q. Do you have friends in the US?

A. No.

Q. Do you have any relatives in the US?

A. No.

Q. Are you sponsoring your travel?

A. No, my company is sponsoring.

Q. Which part of the US will you be visiting?

A. California.

Q. What’s your work profile currently?

A. Manager.

Q. What’s your designation?

Q. Are there any criminal cases pending against you?

Q. Could you please explain your travel plan?

Q. Will you return or planning to stay in the US?

Q. Why have you chosen the US over other countries?

Q. Do you know your Rights in the US?

Q. Do you have all the documents with you?

Q. Will you be extending your visa?

Q. When will you come back to your home country?

Q. How you’re planning to manage your expenses?

Q. Do you have any health issues?

Q. Do you know your rights?

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  1. I have applied for B1 Visa and next month I got interview date. I am working in IT company and my company will sponcer my trip for two weeks to attend trade show.
    But I got denied two times before. So this time can I have a chance to get it ?

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