How to enter the united states legally

In this article, i will tell you how to enter the united states legally. There are seven legal ways to enter the US. There are so many people around the world want to go to the USA. US is a dream country for many people in the world.

How to enter the united states legally.

How to enter the united states legally
How to enter the united states legally.

1. WORK VISAS (Most Common legal ways to enter the US.) .

Work Visa is the one of the common and easy legal ways to enter the US. US employees can sponsor foreign national worker and bring to the US for work temporarily. There are many work visas. Visit this link to know about different type of work visa. USA work visa.

Among the work visas H1b visa is the most common non-immigrant visa. US gives 65000 h1b visas to technically skilled people to foreign nationals.

If you want to know how to get H1b visa?. Visit this link how to get h1b visa and how to apply


Student visa is the 2nd choice according to me after work visa. You can study in any colleges or schools in the US. I have many friends doing MS here in the US. After you finish your schools in the US. You get two years OPT. You can work here and meanwhile also apply for h1b visa. There are two type of student visas. Please visit this link for more info.student visas.


This is the easiest way to enter the US and live forever. For this you need to have immediate relative who is US citizen . For example if someone having US citizenship adopts a child in any foreign country. That child will get US citizenship easily. There are many options we have in this category. For more information please visit family based immigration.


If you have money you can buy almost anything in this world :). This is really true. You will have to fulfill two conditions to get immigrant investor visa.

  1. You have to invest at least a $500,000 dollars in a business in the United States.
  2. You have to create at least five full-time jobs in the United States.

If you are able to fulfill above two points, you will get immigrant investor visa easily and quickly.

For more info please visit immigrant investor visa


You can come to the US port of entry and prove that you could be prosecuted in your home country because of your race, nationality, religion, participation in a certain social group or because of your political opinions. A refugee is one who seeks these protections from outside the U.S. If you are living illegally in the United States, then you can also seek asylum protection. 

For more info, Please visit US Asylum.


This is a unique way to enter the US. Each year US gives 50,000 visas to people belonging to those countries having low rate of immigration. If you belong to one of those countries. You could be the lucky one to be picked up in the lottery and the enjoy rest of your life in the United States.

Please visit this link Diversity Visa Lottery For more info. Check if your country is one of the listed country.


This is the most interesting and legal ways to enter the US. You can marry a US citizen anywhere in the world and get a US visa. This is one of the easy and legal ways to enter the US. Once you marry a US citizen, you will become immediate relative of a US citizen. And you will fall under family based immigration.

Family based immigration is very fast and safe. But remember you should never marry just to get visa. There are certain rules and these rules are very strict. Misusing it, may cost you too much.

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To now more about different types of us work visa. Please visit what are the different types of us work visas.

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