DL Extension on h4 and H1b visa receipt notice (I797C) solutions

DL Extension on h4 and H1b visa receipt notice in DMV

DL Extension on h4 and H1b visa receipt notice

Most of the people having H1b or h4 visa status face this issue. As we all know our driving license expires with our I94.

My driving license was expired recently and my H1b extension was still in progress. My h1b extension was filed in normal process. Some people file in premium processing just for DL.

Now you don’t need to file your extension in premium processing for driving license. You can get your driving license based on your i797C receipt notice. Most of the states give DL based on H1b receipt notice. This is a huge relief for thousands of people working on h1b. Life without driving license in the USA is tough.

You will get updated driving license for at least 240 days based on your H1b receipt notice. Sometimes they will check your case with USCIS and it may take one or two weeks more to get your license. So, keep this point in mind and go to DMV at least two weeks before your driving license expires.

You need a car in USA just like you need oxygen.

DMV office for DL Extension on h4 and H1b visa receipt notice in NJ

You can go to any nearby DMV office. They are going to verify your documents and take new pics. If all the documents are fine, you will get driving license same day.

Documents required for DL on H1b and H4 receipt notice

1. I-797 receipt notice. Please remember it should be original. DMV will not consider any photo copy.

2. Employment verification letter. This should be in DMV format. You can download this form here. H1B_status_employer_letter.pdf. Again this should be original. So, ask your employer to attest and send hard copy.

3. 6 points ID. You can Check any DMV website for this.

Will DMV accept color print out of i797C receipt Notice?

There is no way you can get away with any kinds of print out. They face people like you and me everyday and they can easily find out if you have print out or xerox copy. I had taken print out first time. And they showed me a paper written “We accept only original documents”.

These are the minimum documents you need to carry for driving license on H1b or h4 receipt notice.

A. Mandatory documents:

1. SSN.

2. Original form I 797c receipt notice.

3. Original Employer letter.

4. Passport.

B. One of the following docs:

1. Recent Bank statements.

2. Recent Bank debit card.

3. Recent Utility bill.

4. Valid State issued ID card.

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