Child born in usa to indian parents

Child born in USA to Indian parents is the common concern among the millions of Indian living in the USA. I am one of them. I will be honest with my explanation. As we all know most of the Indians living  in the USA are on H1b visa or have I 140 approved. Whether you have I 140 approved or you are in H1b, does not make much difference.

There will be so many things going on your mind when you think about having a baby in the US. Since mostly we Indians are more concerned about our culture, it makes us think more than any other foreigners living in the US. lets discuss some points here. If you feel i missed something please comment.

Child born in usa to indian parents

1. Advantage Of Child Born In USA To Indian Parents

There are certainly many advantage for the child born here and parents. One thing is for sure that the child will get good education. Good environment and lots of opportunities. Education in US is almost free. If live in a good school district area, your child will automatically enrolled into the one of the best schools in the USA. Here you do not have to fight to get your child admitted in good school. Only thing you have to do is move to a good school district.

If you go back to India, you may keep your child’s citizenship as US.


  1. Good educations.
  2. Less completion compared to India.
  3. More opportunities.
  4. US has some of the best universities and colleges in the world.
  5. No fighting for h1b or f1 or h4 b1/b2.

2. Disadvantage Of Child Born In USA To Indian Parents

Everything comes with a price. If you have a child then certainly your expenses going to increase exponentially. If your child is older than 3 years then you have to rent 2BHK apartment. This is a common law in most of the states in US. If your child stays here for more than 6/7 years then it will be tough for your to adjust in India.

I assume your are in h1b, so you never know what will happen in future considering current changes in h1b laws. Other is cultural differences. If your child born and brought up in the US, then he or she will be completely American. You should not expect them to behave like Indian children. Many people may disagree with this point but it is my personal experience.


  1. More expenses.
  2. Your child will be more American than Indian.
  3. Moving to India will be the most difficult task.

3. Other Aspects Of Child Born In USA To Indian Parents.

If you are newly married and your spouse is not working. Then you may not have any choice but to have a bay. But having a child is not a bad idea. Your spouse will have something to do. In fact it is not something. It is a big responsibility and one of the toughest job in the world. Besides that your spouse will not feel lonely. I have seen may house wives complaining about this. One of my friend’s wife had to live to India. There alternative to be engaged in like joining some NGO or community services.

4. Common Myths Of Child Born In USA To Indian Parents.

  1. My child can not study in India -> That’s not true.
  2. my child can not get Indian citizenship -> not true


What are the advantages of keeping US citizenship after moving to India

  1. Your child will have access to college scholarships reserved for American student.
  2. Travel freedom. This is really good. Your child can travel many countries with US passport.
  3. Your child will have freedom to return to the US.
  4. Your child will have freedom in India too.  OCIs will have all the freedom they need. They can’t vote as they are US citizen but for a child it does not matter.

Education in India for Child born in usa to Indian parents

This is the biggest concern for any parents. You should understand the difference between NRI and OCI. NRI is Indian passport holder while OCI is foreign passport holder. As far as i know only in IITs OCIs are allowed to enter the same way as other Indian children. Other colleges have a scheme called DASA. DASA is a system through which different foreigner get admission in foreign quota. It is easier to get into, but very expensive. I have also heard that, in some colleges OCIs have a choice whether to enter as Indians or through DASA. It is really good for OCI holders.

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