H4 visa stamping documents checklist, interview and time

H4 visa stamping documents checklist, interview and time

There are several h4 visa stamping documents. I will separate these documents into two sections. Section A consists of mandatory H4 visa interview documents while section B consists of optional H4 visa stamping documents. You should have all the documents from section before going to us consulate for H4 visa stamping. If you can manage documents from section B as well then it will definitely make your case stronger.

H4 visa stamping documents

A. Mandatory H4 Visa Stamping Documents.

  1. Valid passport of applicant. Current and all previous passports in original form.
  2. Original Birth Certificate of applicant.
  3. Original marriage certificate.
  4. Spouse’s visa and passport copy. 
  5. Copy of all the pages of your principal H1’s passport.
  6. Principal H1 holder’s approved petition I-797 copy.
  7. Principal H1 holder;s form I-129 copy.
  8. Copy of principal H1 holder’s LCA.
  9. Principal applicant’s  latest 6 month pay-stubs.
  10. Principal applicant’s latest 6 month bank statements.
  11. Recent two photos. Keep in mind that USA visa photos are different.
  12. Copy of interview appointment letter.
  13. Completed Visa application DS160 confirmation page.
  14. Application visa fee original receipt issued by your bank. This is only required if you did not pay h4 visa fee online.
  15. Photo album.

B. Optional H4 Visa Stamping Documents.

  1. Employment verification letter.
  2. copy of marriage invitation card of both the families.
  3. Principal applicant’s income tax return W2.
  4. End client letter.

Can I Go Alone For h4 Visa Stamping Without My Spouse?

Yes, of course you can go alone for h4 visa stamping.

What Is The Processing Time For H4 Visa Stamping?

As long as everything is fine. You will get your visa within 5 working days. If something does not go well or the consulate officer needs some more documents. Then it will take time. If they need more documents, you will get 221 (g) form. In this form they will mention what they need and how to send the needed documents.

Should I Book Flight Ticket Before H4 Visa Interview?

I will never recommend this. You should not book any flight. But if the consulate officer asks about your travel date. Just tell any date within next week.

Which Is The Best Consulate To Go For H4 interview?

All the consulates are good. They do their jobs honestly. If you have all the h4 visa stamping documents then you can go to any consulate.

How Long Does It Take To Get Marriage Registration Certificate In India?

It depends upon under which category you fall and from where you are applying. According to constitution of India there are two marriage act. Special marriage act and Hindu marriage act. If you fall under Hindu marriage act. Then you will get marriage registration certificate in 3 days in cities. But if you are from rural part of India then it may take some time. In Bangalore on of my friend got same day. If you are under special marriage act like if you are a Muslim or Christian then it will take around 60 days. 

But there is an alternative, you can go to court and get court marriage certificate. I did that and it worked.

H4 Spouse Name Change After Marriage

If you decide to change your name after marriage then plan it carefully. You should change your name on passport first. It may take some time so, do not schedule interview before getting name change done. But name change is not mandatory anywhere. You can keep your original name without any problem.

Dependent Visa documents for children

  • You need all the relevant h4 visa stamping documents from section A and section B.
  • Original birth certificate for all children.

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