Checklist for us travel from India

These Are Some Important Things in Checklist for us travel from India

Checklist for us travel from India
Checklist for us travel from India.

Other common things in Checklist for us travel from India on h1b

  1. All your Passports
  2. Flight ticket
  3. Degree certificates
  4. Original I797 (if any)
  5. I129 and LCA (if any)
  6. T-shirts
  7. Jeans
  8. formal cloths
  9. Some Indian sweets for friends in US 🙂

Checked in baggage size for USA travel

Total linear dimension(length + height + width) of each checked in baggage should not exceed 62 inches(158 cm). Weight of each checked in baggage should not exceed 23 kg. In my own experience, Most of the airlines are OK with +1 kg extra weight.

Almost all the airlines allow two checked in luggage and one cabin bag and one laptop bag. But to be on the safer side we should always check this while booking airline ticket.

Which flight to book for US travel?

Direct flights to United States of America: If you are a lady and you have kids with you then i would suggest always book direct flights. If you are a lady and coming for the first time to USA then direct flight is the best option. Direct flights sometime costs more but have it’s own advantage. If you are coming from India then you can book air India which fly directly from Delhi and Mumbai to New York, Newark and other cities.

Note: If you are bringing your parents to USA then always book direct flights.

Indirect flights to United States of America: Indirect flights are good for those who come alone. Most of the time indirect flights are cheaper. So, if you want to save some bucks, it is the best choice.

Personally, I like to travel in indirect flight as you can save some bucks. And you can also see one or two place as well. There are lot of indirect flight options.

US currency

Try to keep at least $100 as a cash. You can easily exchange your home country currency into dollars at the airport.

Things to pack in cabin bag

Always remember your checked in baggage may get lost or delayed for some reason. There is no need to panic if lost or get delayed. You will get it after sometime. So, always pack two or three pairs of cloth in cabin bag. And any other useful things like medicine, documents etc..

Always remember to put your charger in hand bag or cabin bag.

Winter cloths for USA

If you are travelling east cost side of USA like new jersey, Washington DC etc. then buy some warm cloths. If you are travelling in winter season then you must buy some good winter cloths.

Travel Insurance For USA

It is always better to take travel insurance if you are visiting to USA. The weather condition is different in USA than India. So, if you are coming for the first time, you may fall sick. Medical expenses are too much in USA. If you don not have insurance than you are gone.

While taking insurance keep these things in mind

  • Your USA travel insurance company’s network or PPO networks should be near to place you are going to visit.
  • Cost which is one of the biggest factor while taking insurance.
  • Coverage.

Some travel insurance for USA offers plans like comprehensive travel insurance. This type of plan can cover medical emergencies  and can also cover certain type of travel related coverage like baggage loss and travel-related emergencies.

International sim card

It is always better to have a international sim card. You can get it at the airport.

Power adapter

Always carry your power adapter for your electronic gadgets as us power adapter has different voltage.

US Plug adapter or Universal to USA plug adapter

You need this, because your adapter will not work directly with American sockets.

Checklist for us travel from India
Universal to US plug adapter

USA emergency number

Always remember 911 emergency number. If you are in trouble anywhere in the United States of America. Call 911. Cops are the best here.

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If you have any doubt about Checklist for us travel from India, please comment below. We will do our best to clear your doubt.

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