H1b Visa Lottery Deadline Latest News Date

H1b Visa Lottery Deadline Latest News Date

H1b Visa Lottery Latest News Updates 2021

There is no latest News on H1b Visa for Fiscal Year 2021. Since there is no updates on lottery Dates and rules so, you should consider the April 5 is the lottery draw date. And your application must reach before the lottery draw date.

H1b Visa Lottery Date 2021

Generally H1b visa lottery draw date remains fixed which is April 5 of each year. But sometimes because of application processing delay or other reasons lottery date changes.

H1b Visa Cap 2021

H1b Visa cap would be same as previous years. It is 65,000 for regular applications and 20,000 for advanced degree cap.

How To Apply H1b visa

Getting an H1b visa is a complicated process. People all around the world working in the IT industries try their luck. Fighting is not only about the knowledge or experience or qualification. You need to have better luck than others. I am serious here. Luck plays most important role in getting H1b working visa for USA.

New H1b Visa Application Process And Rule

Step 1. Find a job in the USA

To begin your H1-b visa application, you need to find a job in the United States. You should have a job offer to show in your application.

Step 2. Find a sponsor

Once you have a job offer, you need to find a sponsor. If the company who is giving you job offer also ready to file H1b petition then you don’t need to find separate sponsor for you. The job offering company will sponsor you. If the job offering company is not going to file your H1b petition then you need to find a sponsor in the United States for you. The sponsoring company will be your employer and the job offering company will become your consulting company.

There are so many consulting companies around the world having offices in USA as well. These companies can sponsor your h1b visa. For example TCS, Infosys etc.

Step 3. Filing LCA

In this step you don’t have to do anything. Your sponsor which is a USA based employer will file LCP for you. LCA takes 7 working days to get approved. Without this you can not proceed with your H1b application.

Step 4. Send your application I129 to USCIS

Your US employer will send your complete application form including all your degree certificates and relevant documents. This application must reach to USCIS before the deadline set by the USCIS.

Step 5. Lottery results

This is the most important step considering your fate will be decided based on lottery. If you are lucky then you are all set to go to the next step which stamping. If luck doesn’t favor you then wait for next year. All the best from 121visa team.

Step 6. Stamping

Stamping is the next step after your application picked up in the lottery. You can visit this link for stamping process.

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  1. I have selected in this march 2021 lottery for h1b from india.Most of the persons are saying its very hard to h1b visa from india(only 10%Of chances are they to approve documents/Visa). because of consultancy (employer) if they wont submit proper documents it might lead to get rejected.Please help me how to get succeed in this process documents approval and visa

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