H1b visa approval without client letter | SOW in Business?

H1b visa approval without client letter

H1b visa approval without client letter is possible.  According to USCIS end client letter for h1b visa is not needed for h1b visa extension. Your employer can provide supporting documents like vendor agreement or contract between your employer and your client.

But CLIENT LETTER is a strong document to make your case stronger. If you can get it even after some struggle. You should struggle and get it. Now a days things have changed a lot. There was a time, when you only needed client letter for stamping. And consulate office would hardly asked for it.

client letter for h1b

Since Mr. Donald Trump came into power and because of Buy American and Hire American movement, h1b extension and transfer are not same as earlier. You should be very careful now a days while applying h1b visa transfer or h1b visa extension.

Recently i have heard many cases where USCIS have asked for client letter in RFE. 

To read more about h1b transfer and cases. Please visit h1b transfer while extension in progress.

H1b visa approval without SOW

You need at least one thing. Either end client letter or SOW or any contract documents. Without any valid contract documents from your client may create problem. You might be lucky to get h1b visa approval but it is very rare.

Is client letter mandatory for h1b?

No, client letter is not mandatory for h1b. But it is always better to have it in current Mr. Trump’s administration.

Is it possible to get h1b visa approval without client letter ?

Yes, of course it is possible. In fact it is not a mandatory document for h1b visa extension and h1b visa transfer. So there are so many other documents like SOW, which will make your case eligible for h1b visa extension or h1b transfer. But is is always better to have it.

I got h1b visa approval without client letter?

As i explained above, You actually do not need client letter for h1b visa extension and h1b visa transfer. But in current situation if you got your h1b visa approved without client letter then consider yourself lucky :).

What is SOW in Business?

SOW is a statement of work and is a document routinely employed in the field of project management. It defines all the activities related to project. It is an important document between a vendor and a client. It also defines deliverable and timelines for a vendor providing services to the client. 

This documents also defines how effort a specific project would required. Based on that a vendor can put it’s work force and number of people in the the project. The SOW typically also includes detailed requirements and pricing, with standard regulatory and governance terms and conditions. For more info click Statement of work.

What is the difference between a client letter and SOW?

A client letter is a document for an individual employee of a vendor from a client. This is specific to an employee. While a SOW which stands for statement of work acts as a contract between a vendor and a client. SOW is specific to a vendor.

For sample client letter click this link sample client letter for h1b visa.

Does H4 visa extension require client letter?

No. H4 visa is a dependent visa and the client company will never entertain any dependent. H1b visa i797 approval copy and h1b visa holder’s h1b visa stamping are enough for all the requirements for h4 visa extension and h4 visa stamping with some supporting documents.

For h4 visa documents. Please click this link What is H4 visa. Documents and education requirements and h4 visa port of entry questions.

Does h1b visa stamping require client letter?

Yes, of course you need to have client letter for h1b visa stamping. It is a mandatory and must documented for h1b visa stamping. There may be chances that the consulate officer does not ask for the client letter. But you should always have it. In the present scenario, if you do not have client letter then i would suggest do not go for h1b visa stamping. Wait and try to get client letter at any cost. Once you get the h1b client letter then you are all set to go for h1b visa stamping. H1b visa approval without client letter is possible but not h1b stamping if the consulate officer asks for it.

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