Indian software engineer life in USA

Indian software engineer life in USA

Indian software engineer life in USA

USA is a very big country. It’s almost 3 times bigger than India. So life of anybody in the United States of America depends where exactly you are living.

In general life in USA is better than India. When we say life is better than India we are talking about the material life. USA is probably the most developed nation in the world. So life will be of course good here if you are earning good.

Average software engineers who come on H1b visa earn better than average Americans. If you have money then of course life will be better in USA. Average software engineers who struggle to buy a car in India can buy a easily.

Positive things being in America

1. Money: Of course you are going to be paid more compared to India. And money is the most important thing for most of the people in this world.

2. No pollution: This is one thing that held me back here in USA. Honestly speaking virtually there is no pollution in most of the places. You can breathe healthy air wherever you go. This sometimes become more important than money.

3. Good infrastructures: There is no doubt about this. America has better infrastructure than any country in the world.

4. Less work pressure: This is my personal experience and may not be applicable to all. I feel almost no pressure of work. On Friday, you can leave office by 3:00 PM. Saturday-Sunday no office at all. Professional and personal life is balanced. You can spend more time with your family.

Update: There is no work culture difference anymore as all are Indians or Chinese. So, some times work pressure in USA is more than India.

Negative things being in USA

1. Visa issues: This is really painful. This tension will remain forever like a best friend. Most of the people come work visa. And you have to keep extending it. There are so much paper work. And every day you will live with fear of loosing visa. I find it most frustrating thing.

2. Far away from home: USA is really too far away from India. Even in emergency It will take 24 hours to reach India.

3. Missing Indian food: There are so many Indian restaurants but (wo maza nahi ata h) it is not like India. You will be missing Indian foods. You are also going to miss small tea stalls and food stalls.

4. Missing Festival celebration: Chahe dunya kuch bhi kahe, ghar wali bat nhi ho skti US festival main. Whatever people say, festival celebration here can not match with the way we celebrate back home. I miss festivals here.

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