Indian Software Engineer Life In USA

Indian Software Engineer Life In USA

Indian Software Engineer Life In USA

I am a software engineer working in the United States since last six years. It’s not only about Indian software Engineer life in USA. I have worked with Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan and people around the world in USA.

Life is same for almost all south Asians. You will always find some positive and negative things about any place in the world. Life is good in USA if you live like an American.

I came here in 2013 on H1b visa. I was really excited about USA. First day, when I came out of airport and went to my friends apartment, I felt like wow. It is really nice place. It is clean and quiet.

You know what , we Indian sometimes don’t like too much quiet places. If you walk around, you will hardly see anyone else accept yourself. Because of this I started feeling bored. To be honest that time I had made decision that I would be going back to India very soon. Then when I express my feelings to my friends and senior colleagues. They said every says like you but no body go back. And they laughed.

Of course they were right as I am still stuck in the United States. Every time you make plans to go back the paycheck will tell you are you serious ? Whether you agree or not money is the most important thing in anyone’s life. Sometimes this becomes the sole decision maker of your career lifestyle.

Overall life is better in the United States. You will get better salary, clean air, good working environment. A software engineer’s life in USA is better because of these factors.

1. Better Salary.

Without a doubt you will be getting much much better salary than your home country. More money more luxury lifestyle. You can buy a car without thinking twice while back in your country you have to think thousand times.

2. Good Working environment.

Work culture in USA is better than India. You can balance your professional and personal life easily. Work pressure is really less compared to India. But this is somewhat changing as most of the managers are Indian nowadays.

3. Clean Air.

If you look at the air quality situation in India and other sub continent countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. It is really bad. Most of the cities are polluted. Air quality in USA is really good. So you get fresh air and pollution free environment.

4. Complete Freedom

You will experience the actual freedom here. There is no restriction about what you eat, what you wear and what you do. No one is going to beat you for eating or wearing something.

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These Are Some Negative Things Being In USA.

1. No Social Life.

Social life is very very less in the USA. You will never get to know who is staying next to your apartment. You have to make lots of friends as that’s the only way to make your life social.

2. Away from Family.

You are far away from your family. You can’t make frequent visit to your loved ones. You can not go to meet your family on Diwali, Holi, Eid. You can go maximum once in a year. If you have home sickness then forget about USA.

3. Tea Stalls

This another thing that you are going to miss here. I miss it badly. Back in India, you can go out even at night 1:00 AM and small stalls will be open for you.

4. Indian Food

Whatever people say about Indian restaurant in USA. You are not going to enjoy same taste. This is one thing that can be never matched.

5. Visa Issue

This visa issue makes your life unpredictable. You can not plan anything. In India you have job insecurity but here you have job insecurity plus visa insecurity.

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