Life In USA For Indian Immigrants

Life In USA For Indian Immigrants

Life In USA For Indian Immigrants

Most of the Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Sri Lankan living in the United States on H1b and few of them on green card. I will mostly keep my discussion on Life In USA For Indian Immigrants related to temporary USA residents.

In general life is good in USA. In fact you will have luxurious life. You will have money, car, home etc. Pollution free air. Ample car parking where ever you go.

But still people are not satisfied sometimes. I have met so many friends in the USA . One of my friend said, Sometimes he wonder what exactly He wants in life money, fame, love or something else. It’s tough to find the answer. He said, When I was in INDIA, i was dying to come to US to see this part of the world.

Yes, America is exciting, beautiful; there are so many things to enjoy. You can do anything you want, here no one is going to stop you to do anything but sometime this hurt me. Sometimes you want someone to stop you. We all are intelligent enough to make out what is bad & what is good but still we need people around us who says don’t do this. I’m missing social life. I told him  “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving”.

Lets Focus On Positive And Negative Things Of Life In USA for Indian Immigrants

Positive things being in the USA

1. Money

Money is the most important thing in life. You can almost buy everything if you have money. It is 100% true that for people like me, it will be next to impossible to make such money that i am making here. So, 99% people live in United States for money. More money better life.

2. Education

Education system is no doubt good in USA. Even in India, there are good colleges and universities. People have studied there and ruling here. But for other countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, this may be a factor to settle in the United States.

3. Job Opportunities

I do not know about other countries but compared to India job opportunities are more. In India competition is high. There are lots of job in India but number of applicants are too many. In USA there are less applicant in technical jobs at least. So easy to find job.

4. Work Culture

The work culture in USA is good compared to India. I have not worked in India much but my friends who visits USA often tells this. Generally people work on only working ours and keep balance between work and personal life. This is really good for family guys. We don’t live to work but we work to live.

5. Pollution Free Air

Now a days it is hard to live in cities like Delhi, Mumbai etc. Here, the air quality is really good. Good environment is really important to live a healthy and happy life.

6. Equality.

I am personally impressed with this. In fact, i take it as a biggest learning of life. Here all are same. Almost everyone enjoys same life. They treat everyone same way.

We are all human beings.” Sure we have different tastes and opinions that create the outcomes for our decisions. However the reality is that nobody in the world is better than anybody. No matter how rich, how smart, or how pretty/handsome you are, you should have no right to think you are better than anybody. Are you different from others? Yes, we are all unique in our own way, just like fingerprints, and will never be exactly the same. 

Negative things being in the USA

1. No Social Life

This is the number one factor for so many people moving back to India. I might be the one o them after sometime. It is true that you will miss social life here. You have to make new friends and of course you can not make new family. So you have to maintain your social life within friends only.

There will be no political discussion. You will be cut off from India. You can not visit your relatives regularly. And it is hard to go to India, so you can not meet your parents often.

2. Cultural differences

Different part of the World have different culture, everyone in this world has different way of living their life. I have no rights to say anything about anyone’s culture. There is always something positive in everything.

There are of course differences in culture. The way American lives are different than the way we live in India. You will miss Holi, Deewali, Eid celebration. People are celebrating but “wo maza kaha hai jo India main hai” (it is not the same as back home) .

3. Monotony

Life in USA is monotonous. There will not be much things happening around you. Routines will be mostly same. Wake up, go to office, come back to home. On weekends go to see some places if you are not tire by weekdays works.

4. Connection with Americans

Americans like to hangout with other Americans. Actually it is natural like Indian likes to hang out with other Indians. Same goes with Chinese. For the most part you won’t know anything about your neighbor except their garbage throwing schedule.

People say that even after living long enough in the USA, they don’t feel a sense of belonging here. Even after giving so much to this country, still they don’t feel welcome. Sometime i feel the same. If i go out, i do not get the feeling that i belong to here. The feeling i get in India when visiting some places are different.

Problems of Life In USA For Indian Immigrants

1. Visa Issues

I don’t think, I need to describe this point in detail. Extending visa has become difficult. You will always have uncertainty about vis. Anything can happen anytime and you have to be ready for any unusual situation. This is very hectic. You can not plan anything. In fact people are scared to buy any expensive thing for home as you never know when you have to leave. So if you are on temporary work visa then you can not live a peaceful life.

2. Travel To India

Traveling to India is difficult considering the visa issue as well as distance and expenses. You just can’t go to India without planning. Sometimes your visa will held you back and other times jobs. Since India is too far from USA, you need to plan for at least two weeks. Because you cannot go frequently. Also the ticket price will be too much most of the time. So overall, if you want to meet your family and friends back home then you need to plan early.

Last Point

Life is a short journey not to create who we are, but to actually find out who we are. I don’t want to sound like some wise old man from the Himalayan Mountains, but I strongly feel it’s the truth. We spend our lifetime learning, hanging out with friends, working, doing our favorite hobbies, helping others, and much more.

We are living creatures that want to express ourselves and let everybody know who we really are. You should decide yourself what you want to do. Where you want to live. Do not just read any blog and make decision. I am not saying you should not read. You read but follow your own instinct. Just do what your inner soul tells you to do. This is the only way to be live a happy life.

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2 thoughts on “Life In USA For Indian Immigrants

  1. I have lived in the USA for 10 years.. I can sum up here.. Living in USA is like a robot.
    1. Monday to Friday office.
    2. Saturday if possible go outside take some pics and upload somewhere to let everyone know you are enjoying in USA
    3. Sunday do your other stuff like washing, house cleaning, toilet cleaning…

    Keep repeating these steps till you are in USA.

    One more thing, you don’t have to go to some places every weekend just take more pics whenever you get a chance and keep posting those pics with different locations names as whole USA looks same

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