My H1B expires before my H1B extension petition is approved

My H1B expires before my H1B extension? If your H1B expires before your H1B extension petition is approved, You don’t have to do anything. You can continue working without any problem. You can stay in USA for 240 days after expiration of your i94. In most of the cases I94 and h1b visa expires at the same time.

My H1B expires before my H1B extension. Will it impact my job?

If your h1b visa expires before h1b visa petition approved. It will not affect your current job. You can continue working with current consultant without any issue. In fact your current consultant can transfer your location also. They can send you to different client location.

My H1B expires before my H1B extension. Can i change job?

Yes, you can change your job. But you should be careful. Since your h1b visa has already been expired, it means your i94 has expired too. If you change your job and start h1b visa transfer, you will get your visa approved for consular process. My H1B expires before my H1B extension. Consular process means you will get i797B instead of i797A.

I797B means i94 will not be attached to the bottom of the i797 approval notice. If i94 is not attached to the bottom of the h1b approval notice. Then it means your h1b status is not changed and you cannot change your job with this i797B.

i79b sample.

i797B notice of approval. 
My H1B expires before my H1B extension
i797B notice of approval

Please click the for more info about i797B. what is the difference between i797a and i797b.

How long can i live in USA after my h1b visa gets expires before my h1b visa approval?

According to USCIS a person holding h1b visa can live in the USA for 240 days max after his/her i94 expires before h1b visa approval.

So, you are safe for 240 days after your h1b visa expires. but you will have to leave USA after 240 days at any cost.

To avoid this situation you can apply your h1b visa extension case in premium processing.

If you have already applied your h1b visa extension in normal processing. And you feel that your h1b visa application is not going to be approved within 240 days. Then you can change your h1b visa transfer petition application from normal processing to premium processing.

For more info on how to apply in premium processing and what is premium processing please visit. theustravelguide h1b pre mium processing.

What is the H1b visa extension processing time?

Premium processing: 
H1b premium processing is a way to put your h1b visa processing in fast processing system. It costs additional $1,410( fee increased in October 2018). The turnaround time is 15 calendar days. The goal of h1b premium processing is that USCIS will have a decision of your case within 15 calendar days.

Normal processing: There is no fixed time frame for h1b visa extension or transfer process in normal processing. On an average, h1b visa transfer in normal processing takes three to 6 months. In 2018 some of my friends did not get approval even after seven months and had to apply in premium processing.

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