H1b Visa Interview Experience and h1b stamping Experience in US Consulate

H1b Visa Interview and h1b stamping Experience in US Consulate

I will be sharing my h1b stamping experience as well as my friends h1b visa interview experience from different US consulate in India. You can also share your h1b interview experience in the comment and you can also share experience in the forum at above right corner.

H1b Visa Interview experience and h1b stamping Experience in US Consulate Chennai

This my own h1b visa interview and h1b stamping experience. I was working in Bangalore as a software engineer. I was just passed out from college and started working. After 6 months my company filed h1b petition and lucky got picked in the lottery. And then they schedule h1b interview after three months. Actually we were two friends having this same situation.

We prepared well for visa stamping. Went through all most all the sites for H1b questions and answers. I have compiled all those questions in this link. H1b visa Interview questions and answers.

Since we were in Bangalore, So we scheduled visa stamping in us consulate Chennai. As usual we scheduled our bio-metric appointment one day before actual interview. We reached Chennai on Sunday evening as our biometric was scheduled on Monday morning.

As we all know in biometric they will just take your all biometric information and you are all set to go for stamping interview. We were very young, kind of college passed out. We didn’t even start working properly in India and were about to come USA. Were were kind of terrified like what they would asked and what would happened.

We mugged up so many questions but the consulate officer didn’t ask anything apart from what would be your salary. The interview was very easy. We both got the visa. Once you get the visa, you will be flying high. It happens with everyone. So we booked a cab and roam around the entire city in excitement.

H1b Visa Interview and h1b stamping Experience in US Consulate Kolkata

I am Rishi. I am sharing my H1b visa interview experience here on my friends blog. All the consulates are same as one of the American guys will be interviewing you. So as usual my biometric was one day before H1b stamping interview.

It was my bad luck that I didn’t have client letter and the consulate officer asked for it. It was not a good experience as  i did not get stamping immediately because of client letter.

The officer asked my name and visa type i was applying for. He also asked about my project and work experience. Everything was good apart from client letter.

So, the officer put my stamping on hold and gave 221 (g) form asking for documents. The officer mentioned clearly about client letter in the 221 (g) form. Therefor i had to come back to home without h1b stamping.

After 15 days i got client letter and went to consulate. And Submitted my passport and client letter. Then after 5 days i got my visa stamped. All is well if end is well.

H1b Visa Interview and h1b visa stamping Experience in US Consulate Delhi

I am Rahul. I am sharing my h1b visa interview and h1b stamping experience of US Consulate Delhi. Most of the h1b visa holders go to Chennai and rarely go to Delhi for h1b interview. Like everyone said all the consulates are same. You need to plan as early as possible because getting interview date is difficult. I scheduled my interview one month before. As usual the biometric was one day before actual interview.

Everything was cool. I had scheduled my interview in the morning 8:00 AM slot. So i reached there around 7:00 AM. Line was not big that time. By 8 o’clock crowd got increased.

I think i was in 4th or 5th number in the line. I was wearing formal cloths. I went inside and the officer called. I greeted the officer with Good morning. Then the officer started asking some basic questions like what is you US salary, your company name etc. Even though i had client letter, the officer didn’t ask for client letter.

The interview was quick. The officer said “Welcome to USA”. This sentence will definitely make you feel good and bring smile on your face. Overall it was a good experience.

H1b Visa Interview experience and h1b stamping Experience in US Consulate Mumbai

I am Rakesh Kumar. I am sharing my h1b stamping experience. I had my biometric on Feb 4 2019 at VAC center Mumbai. My Visa interview was on Feb 5 2019. The consulate officer asked some basic question and said welcome to the USA. He said your visa will be issued in few days and kept my passport.

When next i checked visa status online it was saying “Administrative Processing”. I was shocked. I checked online and find that once it is in Administrative processing. It will take long time to get cleared.

According to the U.S. Department of State, most administrative processing cases could take minimum 60 days.

What is the Meaning of Administrative Processing

When your case status shows Administrative Processing. It does not mean your visa was rejected. It means that the visa eligibility has not been determined. Most probably they send your case to data center. So that they can review for criminal convictions, security risks, immigration violations or other irregularities.

When everything is verified and the case comes back from administrative review. If no problems are identified, the application is likely to be approved.

Sometimes they may ask more documents. They will also mention how to send those documents. For me they didn’t ask any documents. I was aware that it will take time so i waited for two and half months. Then my h1b visa was issued finally. I had to convinced my client in the USA and lucky we had an office in Bangalore too. So i was working from Bangalore office during those days. But at the end i got my visa and that’s what matters.

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