top ten cities in us

I love being in the USA. It gives you lots of opportunities. The country is full of big cities and natural places.

These are my top ten cities in us.


top ten cities in us
1st in top ten cities in us.

New York is my favorite city and it deserves 1st position in top ten cities in us. This city never sleeps. There is always something happening here. This is the most happening city in the world. It is a very beautiful city. There are many places to go here.

This is also one of the busiest city in the world. Home to the some of the tallest buildings in the world. It is a very clean city. You never feel bore here because something always keeps happening here. There are so many food options to choose from. Street food is also famous here. There are so many halal street food stall which I like to have whenever I visit New York.

Some of the famous places to visit in New York.

  • 911 memorial.
  • Statue of liberty.
  • Empire state building.
  • Times square.
  • Central park.



top ten cities in us
top ten cities in us.

Los Angeles is the biggest city in California and second highly populated city in the United States. It deserves 2nd position in top ten cities in us. In Los Angeles you can have the city life and will feel like you are on holiday at the same time. There are many beautiful places here to visit. Los Angeles is a much better theater town than it ever gets credit for. There is a lot of good theater out there. Los Angeles is home to many popular Hollywood star.

Some of the famous places to visit in Los Angeles.

  • Hollywood studio.
  • Downtown L.A.
  • Griffith Observatory.
  • Disneyland.
  • Venice Beach.


top ten cities in us

Las Vegas is a city of gamblers. There are many big casinos here. many people come here to try their luck, some people become rich and some lose their everything. The people of this city sleep at day and work at night. Night life is very good here. Las Vegas often known simply as Vegas. It is known primarily for its gambling, entertainment, fine dining, shopping and nightlife. Las Vegas is also known as Sin City.

Some of the famous places visit in Las Vegas.

  • Fremont Street.
  • Helicopter Rides over Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon.
  • Paris Hotel and the Eiffel Tower.
  • Bellagio Resort and Fountain Show.
  • Neon Museum.



top ten cities in us

Chicago is the most populated city in the United States. It is an international nucleus for industry, culture, commerce, finance ,technology, transportation and telecommunication. The nick names of Chicago are The Windy City, City of Big Shoulders, The City That Works etc. It is a very beautiful city. Above 52 million people visit Chicago annually. The Chicago River flows backwards. There is no the subway in Chicago, instead of this , you take ‘L’ which is the name of the city’s rapid-transit rail system.

Some of the famous places to visit in Chicago.

  • Millennium Park.
  • The Art Institute of Chicago.
  • Brookfield Zoo.
  • Navy Pier.
  • Shedd Aquarium.


top ten cities in us

Boston is in the northeastern United States. It is about 347 km away from New York city. It has innovation friendly things like education centers, biking and walking accessibility, transportation, cultural assets etc. American Fitness Index keep Boston city in top ten fittest U.S. cities. It has more public parks, playgrounds, and farmers markets. It is one of the healthiest cities in the country with a high quality of life.

Some of the famous places to visit in Boston.

  • New England Aquarium.
  • Museum of Science.
  • Fenway Park.
  • Faneuil Hall Marketplace.
  • The Paul Revere House.



top ten cities in us

San Francisco is in the north of California. It is a hilly city. It is very famous for its restaurants and food trends. It is a oldest city in North America. It has the largest and oldest japan town in the United States. You will find many Sharks in the San Francisco Bay, most are small and not very dangerous. It is also known as Golden city as it has Golden Gate Bridge. It is a secure place in the United States. It has many bays and Islands. The city is so wonderful.

Some of the famous places to visit in San Francisco.

  • Golden Gate Park.
  • Alcatraz Island.
  • Japanese Tea Garden.
  • PIER 39.
  • Palace of fine and arts.



top ten cities in us

Dallas is in North Texas. It is the ninth most populated city in the U.S. Dallas city is divided into many parts like central Dallas, East Dallas, South Dallas etc. It is a center for Corporate America. It is site for many corporate headquarters. It has many cultural landmarks. It has only 3.1 average annual snow days 81 average rain days. It has a diversity of cuisine choices at a wide variety of good restaurants. It is the nice city to visit.

These are some attractions in Dallas.

  • Dallas Museum of Art.
  • Dallas Zoo.
  • The Dallas World Aquarium.
  • Arbor Hills Nature Preserve.
  • Southfork Ranch.


top ten cities in us
top ten cities in us

Washington, DC is the capital of U.S. It has the headquarter of FBI. It is a compact city. Washington is an extraordinary and unique city with a wide variety of personalities like a picturesque tourist, an international metropolis, a working federal city etc. It has varieties of oppurtunities that attract residents and visitors from around the world. It has a temperate climate with high humidity levels. People do not come here only for its history but also for it’s rich food scene as there are number of famous restaurants.

Places to visit in Washington DC are:

  • Olympic National Park.
  • Space Needle.
  • Mount Rainier.
  • Pike Place Market.
  • North Cascades National Park.


top ten cities in us
top ten cities in us

Philadelphia is Pennsylvania’s largest city. The city has lots of stunning architectures, musicals, plays and concerts. It is a major metropolitan city. It has the historic element that is so cool. It is one of the most historic cities in America. During the summer, there are an abundance of activities to do here and a lot of events happens in Philadelphia. It is a best place for those who love art and Museums. There are also many good restaurants where a variety of foods are present so it is a best place to visit.

Some of the best places to visit in Philadelphia.

  • Eastern State Penitentiary.
  • Independence Hall.
  • Liberty Bell.
  • Philadelphia Zoo.
  • Please Touch Museum.


top ten cities in us
top ten cities in us

San Diego is a awesome city. The weather of San Diego is very awesome, neither too hot nor too cold. It is very clean city. Qualcomm headquarter is here. This city is very greenery. The roads are very clean here. The people of San Diego are very nice and well behaved. It is a breath taking city with amazing food and culture. San Diego is very beautiful place for tourists. The city has so much to do. The city is clean, friendly and smog free.

Some famous places to visit in San Diego.

  • Balboa Park.
  • San Diego Zoo.
  • USS Midway Museum.
  • San Diego Bay.
  • Black’s beach.


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