Sample Invitation Letter For Visitor Visa For Parents

Sample Invitation Letter For Visitor Visa For Parents | Sample Invitation Letter For Tourist Visa

This sample Invitation Letter can be used for any country’s tourist visa. Copy this sample Invitation letter for visitor visa. Make appropriate changes and send to your parents, relatives, friends or anyone you want to sponsor. Keep this invitation letter simple and straightforward. No need to put unnecessary things.


Sample Invitation Letter For Visitor Visa For Parents


Date: mm /dd /yyyy

Rajesh Kumar

70 xyz Ave

abc St. Somerville  New Jersey, 08876, USA.

Work phone number:  (000)-000-0000.

Home Phone number:   (111)-111-1111.

Email :



< Name of the person you are calling  >

< Address of the person you are calling>


Dear Papa, Mommy,

I am fine here, and hope that you are fine too. With utmost pleasure I am inviting you to visit us and spend your vacation in the USA with us. During your vacation here, we will visit many places in the US such as Niagara falls, New York, Atlantic City, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and many such places.

You will get a chance to experience and learn American culture. You will meet different kinds of people . You will taste different variety of foods. America is really a beautiful country. It has so many rich heritage. There are so many national parks here with full of natural beauty. So you should visit at least once.


I will be taking care of your entire USA tour expenses. I will be also taking care of your round trip air fare to USA, medical insurance, housing, travel within US, food, and any other personal expenses. You will be staying with us at our residence.

I enclose you herewith all the required documents for getting the tourist visa from the US Consulate, Chennai.

I am eagerly waiting for your arrival in the USA. Hope to see you soon.


Your Loving son

Rajesh Kumar

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