How To Apply for B2 Visa For Parents, Relatives |Documents

How To Apply for B2 Visa For Parents, Relatives and in-laws

How To Apply for B2 Visa For Parents, Relatives: Documents

How To Apply for B2 Visa For Parents? This is the common question for all the foreign nationals living in the United States while expecting a baby. Whether you are having H1b visa, F1 visa or green card.

If your parents or relatives are not with you then you must be thinking about calling them. I am also having H1b status and i had to go through this process. Everyone has to go through this process. I have compiled carefully each and everything that you need for b2 visa for anyone. All these steps you need to follow for smooth visa process for your loved ones.


Make sure you have covered these two points before sponsoring B2 visa for parents.

  1. Parents Passport: Your parents should have valid passport for at least 6 months. If your parents do not have passport then this is the first step before applying for B2 visa. Now a days you can get passport within a month. There is a option for tatkaal also. If you have emergency, you can apply in tatkaal quota and get your passport in 7 days.
  2. Bank Balance:This is a very important point for a person sponsoring B2 visa for anyone. You must have minimum $ 10,000 to cover their expenses. You should start saving as early as possible.

Step By Step Process For Applying B2 Visa For Parents or  Anyone. Documents Checklist.

1. Affidavit of support form I-134.

You should fill this form and get it notarized from notary publication. When you sign this form, it means that you are taking all the liability and they will not become a public charge. I-134 form is very simple and you do need to worry. It has some common things to fill in.

You can download the form from USCIS website. Click this link to download the form. In this form you are going to tell that you will be supporting their entire trip.

2. Employment Letter.

You need to get employment letter from your employer verifying that you are working in h1b visa. It should indicate your salary and other important things. Typically all employer will be knowing this. If just ask them for the employment letter they will fill all the required information.

Note: If you are a F1 student then you do not need this. Your f1 visa, I94 and graduation invitation letter for your parents from your college will work fine.

3. Parents Passport Copy.

You should have your parents passport copy by now. You need it while booking appointment for them. Your employer may also need it for employment letter.

Book Visa Stamping appointment.

You need to book appointment for visa interview to get B2 visa for your parents. You have to choose one of the US consulate/embassy for appointment. Actually depending on the state you live, you have to choose consulate office.

4. DS-160 form.

To book b2 visa interview/stamping appointment, filling out DS-160 is the first step. You will have to create separate DS-160 application for both of your parents. There is also an option called group. At the end of the application, after confirming your email. You will see thank you message. Here you will see option of choosing family ir group application. This will save some time for you as next application will have some information copied from first one.

You should fill everything carefully in DS-160 form.

What language should i choose in DS-160.

If your parents are not fluent in English, then better choose your native language. All the US consulate will have native language facility.

5. W-2 form and pay stubs.

You will be needing all the W2 form you have till now. Last 3 or 6 months pay stubs and bank statements.

6. Your personal Information.

If you are H1b holder. You need to send them your visa copy, I797A or I94 whichever applies. If you are a green card holder then copy of green card is required. If you are a US citizen then a certificate of citizenship is required.

7. Passport.

All your passport copy including blank pages are required

8. Bank Account verification letter.

You need to go to your bank and ask them for bank account verification letter. All the bank have their own format. They will mention things like when the account was opened and what is the average balance.

9. Formal Invitation letter.

You must send an invitation letter to your parents. It should clearly tell that you are inviting them to visit you. It will give them kind of legal rights to visit you in the United States.

Click here for Invitation letter.

10. Visa officer cover letter.

You will be writing a letter directly to the particular US consulate officer where your parents will go for visa interview. You have to state that you will undertake the responsibility for their entire trip including tickets.

Click here for visa officer cover letter.

For B2 visa interview questions and answers. Click here.

Documents checklist for B2 visitor visa interview, stamping and sponsoring

  1. Parents passport
  2. Your passport copy
  3. Unexpired I-94. If expired then send only I-797A copy.
  4. I-797 copy.
  5. All your W-2 form copies.
  6. Latest 3 months Bank Statements.
  7. Latest 3 months pay stubs.
  8. Completed form I-134.
  9. Employment letter.
  10. DS-160 confirmation page.
  11. Bank verification letter.
  12. Invitation letter.
  13. Visa officer Cover letter.

Note: If you are sponsoring your in-laws. Then photo copies of all the pages including blank pages of your spouse’s passport are also required.

If you want to know more about B2 visa. Click here.

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