Visa Officer Cover letter Sample Letter to Visa Officer

You will write Visa officer cover letter to the particular US consulate officer. The consulate where your parents or relative is going for visa interview. You need to mention that you will undertake all the responsibilities including their trip cost and expenses during their stay in the United States.

Visa Officer Cover letter or Sample Letter to Visa Officer

Copy this sample visa officer cover letter. Paste in word document and make necessary changes.Take print out, sign and send to your parents with other documents. Keep this letter simple.

Date: mm/dd/yyyy

Rahul Kumar.
50 abc Blv.
Xxx St. Somerset  New Jersey, 08876, USA.
Work phone number:  (000)-000-0000.
Home Phone number:   (111)-111-1111.
Email :


The American Consulate General,
Chennai, India.

Subject: Request for tourist visa for my parents.

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to inform that my name is Mr. Rahul kumar. I am working as a software consultant for  xyz company, located at <address of us consultant company >, USA. My annual income is $< Annual income >. I would like to invite my parents (as named below) to visit us in the USA for about four months, starting from June 2019.

Name: Mr. Raman Kumar.
Date of Birth: 02 Dec 1958.
Relationship: Father.

Name: Mrs. Roshni.
Date of Birth: 04 January 1963.
Relationship: Mother.

I have attached herewith a copy of each of my following documents:

  • Copies of my H1B approval (Form I-797).
  • Copies of my Passport, Visa along with I-94.
  • Letter of employment.
  • Bank Account verification letter.
  • Copies of last three months Bank statement.
  • Copies of last three months salary statements.
  • Copies of last three years Tax Returns statement –W- 2 forms.
  • Notarized Affidavit of Support, Form I-134.
  • Invitation letter to my parents.

I confirm that my parents will stay at my residence mentioned above. I also confirm that I will take care of their expenses happily during their visit to US. It will be including the round trip air fare, food, housing, travel within USA, medical expenses and all other personal expenses.

I will also make sure that my parents leave United States before the expiration of their authorized stay.

Please do not hesitate to contact me via telephone or e-mail if you have any questions.

Thank you for your time and kind consideration of the attached visa application of my parents. You are kindly requested to grant them the tourist visa.

Yours faithfully,

Rahul Kumar.
Phone: +1 XXX-XXX-XXXX.

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Sample Letter to Visa Officer for Parents USA.

Visa Officer Cover letter | Sample Letter to Visa Officer
Visa Officer Cover letter. Sample Letter to Visa Officer.

Simple step by step How To Apply for B2 Visa For Parents and Relatives. Documents required.


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