What Is The Easiest Way To Get A Green Card In US

What Is The Easiest Way To Get A Green Card In US

What Is The Easiest Way To Get A Green Card In US

Are you looking for green card. Do you want to settle in the United States permanently. Of course yes. There are many ways to get green card. You can follow this link for all the possible ways of getting green card. How to get green card in USA and permanent residency in USA. In this particular blog i will tell you about the easiest way to get a green card in US.

Diversity Visa lottery

If you belong to a country which come under Diversity Lottery program then consider yourself a lucky man or women. The United States of America offers 55,000 Green Cards. These green cards are distributed over several different categories. And the most interesting part is that the result of these green cards are taken out visa lottery. They call it DV or Diversity Visa Program.

Why US offers Visa Through Diversity Lottery ?

The aim of this program was to infuse the needed diversity among the American people. The country did not have a lot of diversity. And as we all know, to grow, to developed and to prosper, a nation needs diverse cultural background. The people from different group, different culture, different ethnicity have different mind and thinking capabilities.

So, America is managing right diversity culture in the entire nation by offering green cards to people from different countries via lottery system. The results of the lottery generally declared in the month of May. So, do not wait if you belong to those countries. Who knows you might be the lucky man or women.

What is the other option if you do not belong to those countries ?

If you do not belong to those countries and you still want a green card. Then you have even better chance to get one for you. This is the best and easiest way to get a green card in US. This is via getting married to a USA citizen or a green card holder.

Green Card Through Marriage.

Fast and Easiest Way To Get A Green Card In US. Find someone having green card or US citizen for you. There are so many online dating apps. You can date online and if you both like each other then get married and enjoy your rest of life in the United States of America. But remember don’t marry just for green card. That marriage must be a successful marriage. You can not cheat USCIS.

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