To get a USA visa you have to fulfill some conditions, and complete an online application, then pay visa fee and appear for an interview. As we all know getting any kind of USA visa is not easy. So we should prepare well and study about the visa type we are applying for. and then go for the interview.

The US visa Interview process for any kind of visa is the same. But the questions they will be asking will be different for different types of visas.

For example, if you are going on a business visa then questions will be related to business, and if you are going on a tourist visa, then they will ask different sets of questions.

I have created videos for each visa type. You can go to my channel and see lots of such videos. You can always type “the u s travel guide” in YouTube search bar and go to my channel, and watch my videos. In this video we will discuss only about the USA visa process. 

Let’s discuss the visa process step by step, so it will be easier to understand.

Step 1. Fill DS160 form online.

This is the first step to get any kind of USA visa.

You have to Go to the DS160 website. Select a nearby u s consulate, and Fill all your information about yourself and about your travel. DS160 is a USA visa application form where you have to enter all your personal information like passport information, travel related information etc.. If you have any doubt comment below. We will definitely help you.

Step 2. Create an account in US TRAVEL DOCS.

This is the place where you will schedule your interview, re-schedule your interview, pay visa fee, track your documents status and visa status. Once you submitted the DS160 form after carefully filling it. Go to ustraveldocs website Here you need to create an account with your email i d. You also need to add a phone number. Your email and phone number are very important. You will receive all the visa stamping and interview related information on the mentioned email and phone number.

Step 3. Submit visa Fees.

After creating an account in step 2, you have to click on a new application/schedule appointment tab. Here they will be asking for your DS160 number. They will be generating an account number where you can pay the fee online. All the steps are straightforward. Just follow the on screen instructions. Different visa types have different fees. You can check u s immigration website for visa fees for your visa type. 

Step 4. H1b visa stamping appointment.

Before taking an appointment you have to pay the visa fee. Once you pay the fee then only this tab will get activated. Once you pay the fee you can schedule an appointment. After submitting a visa fee it takes generally 24 hours to get this tab activated. You need to take two appointments.

  1. Bio-metric appointment.
  2. Interview appointment.

You will have to book bio metric appointment at least one day before h1b visa interview. At the bio metric center they will take all your bio metric information and nothing else. You should carry your documents with you here also.

Generally Biometric centers and interview centers will be at different places. So check both the addresses before booking a hotel. You can also have your biometric done on Sunday. You can check the consulate information online for the weekend appointments schedule. Recently I went to Kolkata for my visa stamping for the first time and I was able to schedule my biometric interview on Sunday. 

And I went for stamping on Monday and I got my visa stamped on Friday.

On the day of the interview, try to reach at least 30 minutes before your scheduled time. Prepare well for interview according to your visa type. I have made videos on each visa type. You can click on my channel and look for respective visa type questions and answers.

I think, You can reschedule your interview a maximum of 4 times after that you have to pay the visa fee again.

Also if you want to change any information in the DS160 application then you have to fill out a new DS160 form and pay the visa fee again but you don’t need to create an account in us traveldocs again. Comment below if you need any specific information regarding the visa process.

As you see, the US visa application process is a little bit more complicated than other countries’ visa application process. So, please prepare well before appearing for the interview.

I have also created videos on different visa types. For example if you are looking for tourist visa, you can go to YouTube and search for “tourist visa interview questions and answer theustravelguide”. It’s really helpful to go through questions and answers for any visa type before going for an interview.

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