USCIS H4 visa Biometrics appointment documents Experience ASC

USCIS H4 visa Biometrics appointment and Experience at ASC

Biometrics appointment at ASC

What is H4 Extension or transfer Biometrics?

This is a new rule by USCIS for H4 visa extension starting from March 2019. So, if you have applied H1b extension with H4 visa extension in March 2019 or later. Then you will be receiving I797C Notice for bimetric appointment. While applying H4 extension you will have to send a bank cheque of $85 to USCIS.

What happens at the H4 biometric Application Support Center (ASC)?

Whether it is h4 visa extension or h4 visa transfer to different company. The process is same in both the cases. You go to the ASC biometric center. You have to fill an application like any center where you have to write your information. These information are your name, age, height, eye color etc.

They will call your name and take your biometrics and photo. At the end you have to sign and you are all set. It is very simple. It will take maximum 30 minutes.

H4 visa Extension or transfer Biometrics appointment and Experience at ASC Elizabeth NJ  and process

We applied our extension on regular processing.

Step 1: 03/26/2019. Attorney mailed forms I-129, I-539 and I-765 via FedEx to Nebraska Service Center.

Step 2: 05/20/2019. Received h1b and h4 receipt Notices.

Step 3: 05/23/2019. Received I797C notice for biometric appointment for my wife. The notice will have all the information. The appointment date will most probably be after 2 weeks. We got appointment date on Jun 6. They will select ASC support center nearest to you. You can reschedule your appointment by sending the receipt notice. But it is always better not to reschedule. There will be a code written on the right above corner. For our case it is 03.

Step 4: 06/06/2019. We reached ASC center on scheduled date. Our biometrics appointment time was at 9:00 AM morning. We had to go to Elizabeth New Jersey for biomentrics. Elizabeth is a bit crowded and finding a parking is difficult. Anyway we Parked on the street and went inside the ASC building.

While entering the building,the first receptionist gave an application paper where you have to fill h4 applicants details. My wife filled details and she stand in the queue for 2nd receptionist. The 2nd receptionist checked her details and gave a token. Her token number was 90, so she had to wait for an hour for her turn to come.

The officer called her token number and she went inside. They took her finger print and photo. It will take maximum 10 minutes. Then you are all set to go. There is nothing special happens at the ASC biometric center. Everything is straightforward and easy.

My wife took only Indian passport and the i797C appointment notice for H4 visa biometric with her.

Documents required for H4 visa biometrics appointment at ASC center.

  1. Biometric appointment i797c notice.
  2. Valid photo Id like passport, driving license, green card, state Id.

Is h4 biometrics applicable for child?

Yes. According to USCIS, H4 biometric is applicable to everyone. The child above 14 years of age will have to sign at the ASC center.

What are the questions ask at ASC biometrics.

There will be no questions and answers for h4 visa biomentrics at ASC. They will ask your name and date of birth and your appointment letter.

ASC biometrics notice codes

Code 1 :– Code 1 means fingerprinting for 10 prints only.
Code 2 :– This means they will take photo, signature and index finger press-print.
Code 3 :– This means they will take photo, your signature, index finger press-print and fingerprinting for 10 prints.

How long does Biometrics take to process?

The actual time it takes is just 10 minutes but some times there will be big queue. And you will have to wait for long time may an hour or two. So plan accordingly, reach at the application support center early and and get your biometrics done quickly if there is no queue ahead of you.

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What happens if you miss your biometrics appointment?

You should plan in such a way that you never miss it. Even if you reach late at the ASC, they will allow you to have your biometrics. In case you miss it then you should follow below steps:

1. ASC Walk-in.

This is a quicker option. If you missed your appointment recently then you should reach to ASC directly. Some ASC accepts walk-in applicants. Take your appointment notice with you. Also explain why did you miss your scheduled appointment.

2. Request For Rescheduling.

This is little bit a lengthy process. There is an option “request for rescheduling” box midway down the appointment notice. Write an application and mail it to the address shown. Most probably USCIS will send you a new biometrics notice. But it is a time taking process. It may take several weeks.

How long does it take to get travel document after Biometrics?

It depends upon the type of application you have filed with USCIS. If you have filed in premium processing then it will take maximum 15 calendar days. Click here for h1b premium processing. If you have filed in normal processing then it may take from 3 months to 8 months.

How long does it take to get a response after Biometrics?

It depends upon your application type as explained above.

Can i go early for biometrics appointment?

Yes, you can go but it depends upon the officer who will take your biometrics. Most probably they will allow.

What to wear to biometrics appointment?

This is just  biometrics appointment not interview. Whatever makes you comfortable, you can wear.

How much is the USCIS h4 visa biometrics fee?

It is $85. You have to give cheque while filing your application.

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