How safe is the USA For foreigners?

How safe is the USA for foreigner?

I have been living in USA since last 6 years. I came here in October 2013. I was really excited when i stepped out of the San Diego airport. I have almost lived in San Diego for two years. Then i moved to new jersey. And i am still here enjoying cold weather.

Honestly speaking i never felt unsafe here. I just got married. So, when i was single, i used to drive my car alone at night without any fear. I used to go out with my friends for night out. I am from India. When my friends asks about How safe is the USA for foreigner? I used to tell my friends and family that How safe is the USA for foreigners compared to India. I never felt that i am a foreigner here.

But things have changed a little. For your kind information, I am still feeling safe here. Once in a while something will happen and it will become a big news and you are going to get many calls from home. Parents will tell you not to go out at night.

Recently a Doctor from Raichur was found dead in New Jersey under mysterious circumstances. This was happened in St. Peter’s University, New Jersey. It is not far from my new jersey home.

I was not aware of this incident as i hardly watch news. My brother who is also a Doctor saw this news and called me immediately. Instead of getting information from me, he ended up giving information to me. He also asked how safe is USA now?. And i said it is safe as long as i do not poke anyone’s nose.

USA is a country of immigrants. you will see people from all around the world. You will hardly see this much diversity anywhere in the world.

Yes, some native Americans, Sometimes feel that we are taking over their jobs but it is not true. There are so many jobs here for which employer are not able find right candidate. I hardly see any young American in IT industry. Maybe they are not interested in this field.

When Trump came into power, people started to think that foreigners are taking away their jobs. Anyway, if i were an American, i might have thought the same. So, we should respect their point. But situations are changing again. People have understood the value immigrants worker bringing to the country.

There were some racial problems. We are human and we can not expect same treatment from everyone. These problems exist everywhere in the world. We have seen mob lynching in India, that is also a racial attack.

What i feel is, most of the people here in the USA are good by heart and helping nature. There are bad and good people everywhere in the world. And we can not generalize a few men’s act to everybody. Personally, i love America and American people. Here most of the people do not care what you do, who you work for and where you work.

How safe is the USA?

So, back to the question How safe is the USA? USA is safe for not only Indian. But for everyone who wants to visit USA or want to work in the United States of America.

But at the end, i would suggest do not go to pubs alone at night. Also if possible avoid night outs. Respect local people and do your job.

If you feel unsafe anywhere, you can call 911. Cops here are honest, opposite to India. They will reach within a minute.

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How safe is the USA
How safe is the USA.

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  1. Nice review . I recalled the moment stepping out of San Diego Airport . We all are human beings, surviving and enjoying the life till we are alive.

    Live the moment however we are and wherever we are. ‘Cheers’

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