H1b Visa Stamping Dropbox Documents Checklist Eligibility 2022

H1b Dropbox Documents Checklist and Eligibility
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H1b dropbox documents checklist 2022.

Documents required for H1b dropbox and normal processing are same. You can click this link H1b stamping documents for the all required documents for H1b stamping. Remember sending additional documents is not going to harm you. So try to include all the relevant documents. It is always better to go for h1b dropbox stamping than in person. In my experience getting h1b visa rejection through dropbox is very very less. So if possible always use this option for h1b visa stamping.

  1. A Passport which is valid for at least six months and have some blank pages for stamping.
  2. Recent US visa.
  3. Dropbox letter copy.
  4. A recent passport size photograph according to US visa requirements.
  5. Last three months paychecks.
  6. Last 6 months bank Statements.
  7. Contact number and names of manager at your USA work place.
  8. W2 and 1040 tax forms for all the years that you have lived in the US.
  9. Client Letter. Now a days client letter is a must document for h1b visa stamping.

H1b stamping drop box eligibility.

These are the general eligibility for dropbox visa stamping.

  • You must have visited USA previously on valid H1b visa and wish to apply for the same.
  • For example If you are applying for an H, J or L visa, your previous visa in the same category should still be valid or have expired in the last 48 months.
  • You can not apply for dropbox for different kind of visa than the visa you have currently. For example if you have F1 visa then you are not eligible for h1b dropbox stamping.
  • It is very important that you have never experienced rejection for a US visa of any category.
  • If your previous visa is marked with “Clearance Received” then you are not eligible.

Basically when you fill your application, you will be automatically get to know if you are eligible for dropbox stamping or not.

  1. Fill the complete DS-160 form.
  2. Pay the required visa fee.
  3. Register for an online account at www.ustraveldocs.com.
  4. Complete your profile.
  5. Start the process to schedule the interview.
  6. If you are eligible for the drop box, You will be notified at the end of the questionnaire.
  7. If you opt for dropbox then schedule an appointment at an Offsite Collection Services (OFC) office to submit your documents.
  8. You may also reject dropbox option and continue scheduling in-person interview.

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H1b stamping drop box eligibility due to covid19 pandemic

Due to the corona virus pandemic the dropbox eligibility criteria have changed. Now if you have visa expired in last 48 months, you are eligible for dropbox. Dropbox documents requirements are same.

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5 thoughts on “H1b Visa Stamping Dropbox Documents Checklist Eligibility 2022

  1. I am looking for some help since I am traveling in the next week for a dropbox appointment.
    At the time of filing H1B extension (Dec 3rd 2022), I was working as a consultant for an end client as a Cloud Architect. Since Jan 2023 I am assigned to a different client project on the same role however the end client letter mentions a slightly different role. In both these assignments my job responsibilities (I am still a Cloud Architect) didn’t change and the work is remote — meaning no material change, hence my employer didn’t file for an amendment/LCA. I am carrying an end client letter from the second client, but it mentions that I work on a role (that is slightly different than before) and the contents in that letter don’t match to what was shared during filing for H1B extension although the nature of my job duties are the same. Should I submit the client letter (from the 2nd client) when asked during my H1B VISA drop box appointment (US Consulate in India)? I doubt my end client would change my role or job duties in this end client letter, but I could ask the vendor to issue me a vendor letter that matches the previous role and also the content that was used in my H1B extension application. Should I follow the second route, or should I just carry the contract agreements with my employer & vendor and between the vendor & end client?
    Looking for your prompt help. Thanks.

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